Dahles Negotiate Changes To School Reopening Bill

State lawmakers have approved a six-point-six billion dollar plan aimed at pressuring school districts not already open to return students to the classroom before the end of the year. It doesn’t order districts to resume in-person learning. Instead, the state will tempt cash-strapped school boards with two-billion dollars, if they reopen campuses by the end of the month. Meanwhile, some Republican lawmakers, including Brian and Megan Dahle, negotiated amendments that ensure that districts that have been open, in some form, can also tap into the funding…

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Eight of the nine districts in Nevada County already have hybrid learning. The bill also doesn’t require parents to send their kids back to the classroom…

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And while the legislation requires most elementary school grades to return to the classroom to get the money, it does not require all middle and high schools to return this year. It also doesn’t say how much time students should spend on campus. Another amendment, by Republicans in the State Senate, to mandate at least three days a week was rejected by Democrats.