AB 41: Broadband Infrastructure Deployment

Coauthored by Assembly Member Megan Dahle

(1) Existing law vests the Department of Transportation with full possession and control of state highways and associated property. Existing law requires the department to notify companies and organizations working on broadband deployment on its internet website of specified department-led highway construction projects and authorizes those companies and organizations to collaborate with the department to install broadband conduits as part of those projects.
This bill would require the department, as part of those projects that are funded by a specified item of the Budget Act of 2021 and that are located in priority areas, to ensure that construction includes the installation of conduits capable of supporting fiber optic communication cables.
(2) Under existing law, the Public Utilities Commission has regulatory authority over public utilities, including telephone corporations. Existing law requires the commission to develop, implement, and administer the California Advanced Services Fund program to encourage deployment of high-quality advanced communications services to all Californians that will promote economic growth, job creation, and the substantial social benefits of advanced information and communications technologies.
This bill would require the commission, in collaboration with other relevant state agencies and stakeholders, to maintain and update a statewide, publicly accessible, and interactive map showing the accessibility of broadband service in the state, as provided.