Denim Day 2022

On Denim Day 2022, my colleagues in the Women’s Caucus and I stand in solidarity with sexual assault survivors and victims against sexual violence.

As a woman in government, my commitment to fighting for survivors has always been a priority. Last year I authored AB 925, a bill to make sexual assault exams more readily available for those who need them. This idea came after my staff attended a talk from a local doctor- Dr. Dugan- on domestic assault violence, its impact on children, and the lack of funding for forensic exams. I was shocked to find out that women have to wait for days in the clothes they were assaulted in before they could access forensic exams. Something had to be done.

With help of Dr. Dugan, AB 925 will increase the availability and accessibility of exams for sexual assault victims by increasing the reimbursement rate providers receive. The bill I authored bridged the funding gap to Cal OES to the tune of $6.7 million dollars, annually.