Assemblywoman Dahle procures $5 million for Modoc County

On July 1, 2022 Assemblywoman Megan Dahle announced her successful procurement of $5 million to significantly reduce a longstanding legacy debt inherited by Modoc County which has disproportionately impacted its residents for decades.

Modoc County had a longstanding hospital that operated under county control until a little over a decade ago, when it was transitioned into a special district. With the formation of a special district, Modoc County was left with the hospital legacy debt. To meet the objectives of paying back this debt, the county sustained 20-25 percent cuts to general fund departments, consolidating operations and reducing staff in multiple departments. The county has paid back nearly 30 percent of this debt over the last 12 years, but it was not without severe hardship. The legacy debt payback has had a negative effect on schools, public safety, and roads in the county.

“We’re very proud of our accomplishments and being recognized by Assemblywoman Dahle for our multilayered, never-ending efforts to help youth in the area,” said Jennifer Singer, Executive Director of Bright Futures for Youth. “Our program has changed and grown dramatically during the past two decades, because the needs are different and much greater than in the past. With the ongoing support of the community, including from leaders like Assemblywoman Dahle, we are helping children and young adults to succeed.”

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