Despite a substantial $20 billion investment in homelessness programs since 2019‚ the crisis has not improved. In fact‚ California is home to half of the nation’s unsheltered population. This is a situation that demands immediate attention and action.

Recently‚ my Republican colleagues in the state legislature and I sent a letter to Governor Gavin Newsom‚ urging him to take decisive steps to address this crisis. Here are the key points we emphasized:


  • Address the root causes by lowering living costs: We believe it’s essential to tackle the root causes of homelessness by working to lower living costs‚ making housing more affordable‚ and creating economic opportunities for all Californians.
  • Challenge court rulings obstructing encampment solutions: We must address the legal obstacles that hinder our ability to find effective solutions to encampments and ensure the safety and well-being of both homeless individuals and our communities.
  • Disassociate from law firms exploiting this crisis: It’s crucial that we sever ties with law firms that may be profiting from this crisis at the expense of vulnerable Californians. Our focus should be on providing real solutions‚ not on financial gain.
  • Enforce laws to curb homelessness and crime: We need to enforce existing laws to maintain public safety and curb both homelessness and associated criminal activities.


There are actionable solutions within our grasp. California is long overdue to see progress made on this issue that impacts our entire state. See the entire letter on my Facebook page here.


Assemblywoman Megan Dahle


ACA 12 Alexandra's LawAddressing Fentanyl: Alexandra’s Law

Last week‚ my colleagues and I took steps to pass Alexandra’s Law (ACA 12)‚ which would warn convicted fentanyl dealers that continuing to sell this deadly poison & causing someone’s death could lead to murder charges.

Unfortunately‚ the supermajority in Sacramento rejected our attempt to pass Alexandra’s Law & take a step towards ending the deadly fentanyl epidemic.

As family members of fentanyl poisoning victims joined us at the Capitol hoping for justice for their loved ones‚ Alexandra’s Law was overwhelmingly voted down by politicians who choose to stand with deadly dealers.

We are thankful for the overwhelming support by media outlets who put a spotlight on our attempt to take control of the fentanyl crisis. Learn more about this important effort at the links below:

GoatsSB 143 – Two Year Fix for Goat Herders

I’m thrilled to share a major victory for our goat herders and wildfire prevention efforts. Despite initial hurdles‚ we’ve secured a two-and-a-half-year extension of the monthly minimum wage policy for goat herders‚ ensuring their livelihoods and vital role in wildfire mitigation.

In March 2022‚ a bureaucratic oversight caused goat herders’ wages to skyrocket‚ putting their businesses at risk. This legislation rectifies that‚ safeguarding their income and their essential work.

The bill also commissions a $1 million report to improve wage conditions and gather essential demographic data on herders. While this is a significant step forward‚ it’s important to note that it’s a temporary fix with another sunset clause‚ which is why I will continue working toward a more permanent solution to this matter in the next legislative year.

Read the Sac Bee article on this matter here.

Assemblywoman Dahle with Karuk Tribal ChairmanACR 17 – Native American Day

It was an honor to have Karuk Tribal Chairman‚ and my friend‚ Buster Attebery join me on the Assembly Floor for the vote on ACR 17 – recognizing the importance of California Native American Day. I am proud to co-author the resolution recognizing the importance of California Native American Day‚ set to be celebrated on September 22nd and the annual California Indian Cultural Awareness Conference‚ which serves to enhance awareness of California Indian culture.

On Native American Day two years ago‚ the Governor signed a bill I authored to make cultural ceremonies and events excused absences. My office was approached with the idea for this legislation by Judy Flores‚ Shasta County Superintendent of Schools. AB 516 has been in effect for two years‚ and positively impacts students of all cultures across the state. Learn more about this legislation in a video interview with Superintendent Flores and Wintu Tribal Chairman Gary Rickert here.


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