Gray Lodge Wildlife Area Tour, Roberti Ranch Celebrates 100 Years, and More


I wanted to share a quick update on some of my recent activities in the district while the legislative session is out for the year. During the break‚ I’ve been traveling across the 1st Assembly District – one of the largest districts in California’s Assembly‚ making up 16% of the state’s geographical area – connecting with all of you and gathering valuable insights for the year ahead. This groundwork is essential as I shape my legislative package and prepare for upcoming votes.

During a recent trip‚ I had the opportunity to tour California’s Gray Lodge Wildlife Area. This visit coincided with the completion of a $52 million water infrastructure project‚ a significant investment ensuring a secure water supply for the region. The project focused on upgrading canals‚ replacing bridges‚ and enhancing water-control structures over an extensive 5 1/2-mile stretch‚ benefitting both the farming community and the 9‚100-acre wildlife sanctuary. The primary goal of this initiative is to safeguard the crucial wetlands supporting over a million birds and a diverse range of wildlife‚ creating a sustainable habitat.

The project involved the replacement of four county road bridges‚ seven large water-control structures‚ three farm bridges‚ and 45 structures facilitating water movement into farm fields. Beyond its direct benefits to the farming community‚ this initiative ensures a consistent water supply for the millions of birds and other wildlife reliant on the wetlands that define this 9‚100-acre wildlife haven. Gray Lodge‚ with its impressive annual visitation of over 100‚000 people‚ now stands as a testament to the successful fusion of environmental preservation and community commitment. Thank you to Gray Lodge for hosting us and providing a firsthand look at the transformative improvements to the area.

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Assemblywoman Megan Dahle

Roberti Ranch 100 Years
100 Year Celebration – Roberti Ranch

A big congratulations is in order for our friends and constituents‚ the Roberti family‚ celebrating a century in farming! Senator Dahle and I were thrilled to be part of the celebration‚ presenting them with a joint resolution to commemorate this impressive milestone.

As active members of the farming community ourselves‚ Senator Dahle and I deeply appreciate the unwavering dedication and tireless efforts required to ensure success in agriculture. In the state of California‚ the agricultural industry plays a pivotal role‚ contributing billions of dollars annually to our economy. California farms proudly produce over a third of the nation’s vegetables and three-quarters of its fruits and nuts. These statistics not only underscore California’s significant impact on the nation’s food production but also emphasize its vital role in bolstering the broader economy.

So‚ in recognition of the Roberti family’s century of farming excellence‚ let us also extend our heartfelt appreciation to all of California’s farmers and ranchers – an industry that not only keeps the nation well-fed but also embodies the enduring spirit of American agriculture in California. Here’s to ongoing success on the farm and to the thriving agricultural scene in the Golden State!


Food Banks and Coat Drives
Food Banks and Coat Drives

As we embrace the spirit of generosity this season‚ my thoughts turn to those in our community who may be in need. Some might require a warm coat to brave the chilliest months‚ while others could use a helping hand to put a hot meal on their table.

Last year‚ Team Dahle had the opportunity to contribute to the O2 Employment Give Redding Holiday Drive‚ and we’re eagerly anticipating the opportunity to do so once again this year. For those interested in giving back or if you’re in need of community services‚ my team has compiled a non-exhaustive list of local food banks and coat drives across the district. Click here to discover options near you.


Share Your Ideas for 2024 Legislation
Share Your Ideas for 2024 Legislation

This is the season when I compile my legislative package. The majority of the legislation I’ve previously championed has stemmed from the valuable ideas you’ve shared to overcome challenges in your communities – a source of great pride for me.

Thanks to your insights‚ K-12 students in California are now granted excused absences for participating in cultural ceremonies; Victims of sexual assault have enhanced accessibility to forensic exams; And farmers and ranchers across the state can access their property to safeguard their livestock and land in the face of disasters. (More details on these accomplishments and others here.)

If you have any suggestions or thoughts on issues that require legislative attention and could benefit your communities‚ please respond to this email with your thoughts. I look forward to your input.


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