Assembly Republican Wildfire Working Group Responds to Disturbing News Report on Newsom's Record

A Capital Public Radio News Story Showed Newsom Repeatedly Misled the Public and Cut Funding for Wildfire Prevention

SACRAMENTO: In response to a disturbing news report Wednesday showing that Gov. Gavin Newsom not only cut funding for wildfire prevention in the wake of the tragic 2018 Camp Fire, but also repeatedly misled the public by dramatically inflating prevention stats, the Assembly Republican Wildfire Working Group issued the following statement:

“It's offensive that Governor Newsom ‘misled’ the public about his wildfire prevention efforts and slashed wildfire funding, especially right after the tragic Camp Fire destroyed Paradise and killed 85 people. Governor Newsom’s inaction and lack of transparency is unacceptable. As a state, we need substantially more acres treated, we need to streamline the process and we need more funding. Republicans have been calling for this but have been ignored. Newsom should answer why he inflated his numbers and why he has repeatedly not sought solutions to devastating wildfires.”

The working group consists of Assembly Republican Leader Marie Waldron and Assemblymembers Vince Fong, Kelly Seyarto, James Gallager, Frank Bigelow and Megan Dahle, all of whom have offered common solutions to wildfires, along with many other Assembly Republican Caucus members. 

Capital Public Radio on Wednesday broke news that Newsom had repeatedly claimed that his Administration treated 90,000 acres with wildfire prevention methods like vegetation management, while the number was merely 11,399 acres.