Legislation Year - 2019-2020

AB 2034 will ensure California’s smallest, rural school districts receive proper recognition by defining frontier school districts in the California Education Code. Frontier school districts will be defined in accordance with federal law. 
This bill will create a personal and corporate income tax credit for microbusinesses (10 or fewer employees) who hire former foster youth and juvenile offenders with a felony between 18-25 years of age. 
AB 2066: Solar Home Mandate - Snow Exemption
This bill will exempt new residential and nonresidential buildings constructed in areas of the state that receive a significant amount of annual snowfall from current solar panel mandates. 
This bill will exempt certain professions in the timber industry from the provisions of AB 5, allowing them to determine worker status under factors outlined in federal law. 
AB 2651 will provide much needed financial supportand stability to California’s smallest school districts by expanding the formula used to calculate average daily attendance and school funding levels for Necessary Small Schools.
This bill will modernize and expedite the current license verification process for California nurses seeking licensure in another state through the Board of Registered Nursing by allowing for immediate license verification and confirmation that the license has not been suspended.
This bill will authorize state accredited, certified, or licensed laboratories to be established or designated for inspection of agriculture commodities instead of only state accredited or certified chemistry laboratories. 
AB 3292 will allow K-12 students to be excused from school when their absences are for participation in a cultural ceremony or event.