California Capitol


Surveys serve as a crucial conduit for maintaining a strong connection with my constituents, allowing me to grasp your evolving needs and desires. They provide a direct channel through which individuals can express their thoughts on pressing matters. This two-way interaction fosters transparency and demonstrates my commitment to addressing your concerns effectively. Ultimately, the insights garnered from these surveys empower me to make well-informed decisions that resonate with the collective voice of my constituents.

Retail Theft Survey

End Date: September 9th

Retail theft has been a growing concern across California's areas, leading to severe hardships for businesses and even store closures. With the situation continuing to evolve over the past few years, I want to hear about the experiences of business owners in the 1st Assembly District.

By participating in this short questionnaire, which consists of 7 questions, you will have an opportunity to share your experiences, challenges, and suggestions related to retail theft. Your input will greatly assist me in advocating for effective measures to address this issue at both the district and state levels.

Wildfire Impact Survey

Are you prepared for wildfire season? Your involvement in state government can influence the future of California. Please use this survey to share your thoughts on a critical issue. Your opinion can shape the policies that benefit you, your family, and your community.