Hello Friend,
On Monday I had the opportunity to speak to the attendees of the California Association of County Veterans Service Officers Conference which was held in Redding, California for the first time. Veterans Service Officers (VSOs) are an incredible resource to veterans as they or their families navigate the systems of services available to them, which I know from personal experience.
During my time speaking, I shared about legislation that passed this year pertinent to veterans in California. During my time as your District 1 Assemblywoman, I am proud to have voted in favor of legislation that benefits our military, veterans and their families. Just this month, AB 107 was signed by the governor which expands the job opportunities that military spouses qualify for, while easing the burdens placed on families serving our nation.
This year I ran ACR 21 which designates the South Yuba River Bridge over State Highway 49 in Nevada County as the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Bridge. I’m very excited about this for Nevada County and look forward to the project’s completion.
In preparation for next year, my team and I have been researching the benefits of making military retirement income non-taxable, a law that is already implemented by thirty other states and benefits both the veterans and local economies. In addition to that, we have been researching a bill to streamline the Disabled Veterans Business License process with the state.
Be sure to keep an eye out for both of those. In the meantime, if you or someone you know is a veteran who needs some assistance, visit this webpage to find the VSO nearest you.
Finally, I would like to touch on the protests that took place on Monday in opposition to mandatory vaccinations. As I have stated before, I support peaceful protesting and I support a parents’ right to make decisions for their childrens’ health. On my way to the VSO conference, I met a woman named Jennifer who was participating in the protest. I stopped to speak with her for a few minutes and she shared about her children and how she simply wants what is best for them. As a mother, myself, I understand that sentiment and I support those of you who are exercising your right to make your beliefs known.
If there is anything my team or I can do for you, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle