Redding’s Annual Pancake Breakfast and More


Last week, Team Dahle took part in a cherished community tradition: the Asphalt Cowboy’s Annual Pancake Breakfast, a rodeo week staple in the Redding community.

Reflecting on the origins of the annual pancake breakfast, we look back to 1954 when it all began with a small gathering of 700 people. Over the years, this beloved event has grown to attract over 10,000 attendees from near and far. We owe a debt of gratitude to the Cowboys who have worked tirelessly to keep this tradition alive, from borrowing equipment to eventually acquiring their own griddles and tables.

As we celebrate the pancake breakfast, we’re also gearing up for the excitement of rodeo and fair season. These events aren’t just about entertainment; they’re economic engines that drive our community forward. Rodeos and fairs attract visitors, support local businesses, and inject vitality into our rural areas. But more than that, they’re a time for us to come together to revel in our shared heritage and values, and to strengthen the bonds that unite us. So let’s embrace rodeo and fair season with enthusiasm, knowing that they not only bring joy and excitement but also prosperity and unity to our community.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle

Shasta Community Health Center Grand Opening

Women & Children’s Center Grand Opening

Exciting news from our community: the Women’s, Babies’ & Children’s Center at the Shasta Community Health Center has officially opened its doors! This cutting-edge facility consolidates staff under one roof, enhancing our ability to serve the community with exceptional healthcare.

During the grand opening on May 10th, Board Chair Kerry Fasking and CEO Brandon Thornock delivered inspiring speeches, emphasizing the center’s role in improving healthcare access.

Our own Team Dahle had the privilege of touring the new building. We were particularly impressed by the artistic nods to the natural beauty of our area. Moreover, the kid-friendly suites, complete with tactile enrichment toys, are a thoughtful addition. These amenities allow parents to focus on important conversations with medical staff while keeping their little ones engaged.

In a special tribute, the center was dedicated to Dean Germano, former CEO, for his 32 years of service to our community. This dedication reflects Dean’s lasting impact on healthcare accessibility.

We extend heartfelt thanks to all involved in bringing this project to fruition, ensuring increased access to healthcare for our community. Learn more about Shasta Community Health Center here.

Nevada County Ag Day

Last week, Team Dahle had the pleasure of joining the annual Ag Tour in Nevada County on May 15th. It was an insightful experience highlighting the stewardship of agricultural land in our community.

The day began at Weiss Brothers’ commercial growing grounds, a prescribed burn demonstration at a Nevada County Resource Conservation District site, and Super Tuber Farm, where organic food production was discussed. Each stop showcased the dedication and innovation of our local farmers and ranchers.

As part of Team Dahle, we are proud to celebrate the resilience and stewardship of our agricultural community. Happy Ag Day, Nevada County! (Photo from Nevada County Farm Bureau)


PG&E REACH Triple Match Program UPdate

PG&E Assistance Program Available to Qualifying Households

PG&E is enhancing the Relief for Energy Assistance through Community Help (REACH) program to provide additional support to income-eligible customers. The REACH Triple Match program now offers qualifying customers the opportunity to receive up to $1,000 in bill credit by making a payment.

Here are the key details:

  • Expanded Eligibility: The REACH Triple Match program broadens eligibility requirements, allowing more customers to qualify for a 3 to 1 match on their payments. For instance, a household of four with an income of $120,000 a year could now be eligible for assistance.
  • Triple Match Benefit: Low-to moderate-income customers making a payment can receive a threefold match, resulting in a bill credit of up to $1,000. For example, a $100 payment from the customer would be matched with a $300 bill credit from REACH, totaling a $400 credit.
  • Application Process: To apply and learn more about income guidelines, visit [link to online application]. Applicants must meet specific criteria, including having an active PG&E residential account in their name and a minimum past-due balance of $200.

For those in need of assistance, the Dollar Energy Fund operates 170 offices across Northern and Central California. PG&E customers can contact an agency in their county, apply online at, or call 1-800-933-9677 for support with applications.


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