Good afternoon,

What a week it has been. As we head into Memorial Weekend, a time to honor the lives of U.S. military personnel laid down for our country, I want to highlight some important information for our district as well as a few updates from the Capitol.

Gas Prices: Earlier this week, Republicans and Democrats, alike, voted in favor of suspending the summer gas tax. While this endeavor garnered increasingly more votes, it still did not pass. For 77 days the Governor has promised relief and we haven’t seen anything. To put this in perspective, if the gas tax suspension had passed when it was first introduced in January, Californians could have saved an average of $2,400 in gas to date.

AB 2514: A bill I authored to help improve rural roads and highways passed off of the Assembly Floor in a unanimous bi-partisan vote of 62-0. This is a big win for the 1st Assembly District. I look forward to following the progress of this bill through the Senate.

AB 2058: I co-authored this bill as a bi-partisan effort to provide more support to career technical education. It passed unanimously off of the Assembly Floor. 

ACR 167: National Poppy Day is a day to display a poppy flower as a symbol of support toward families of veterans. It began in 1920, after the end of WWI. I am proud to have co-authored ACR 167, which proclaims May 27th National Poppy Day. 

Bills, Bills…and More Bills: This week, my Assembly colleagues and I discussed, debated, and voted on more than 550 bills. Collectively the Senate and the Assembly dispensed with roughly 950 measures. Approximately half a dozen bills failed passage, approximately a dozen were moved to Inactive File, and over 930 measures passed to the other house. It’s been a busy week and I look forward to providing you with a more in depth look at some of the legislation next week and beyond. Until then…

I am filled with gratitude for the U.S. military men and women who put their lives on the line every day to fight for our country and protect our freedom. As we approach Memorial Day, I am especially aware of what that costs. To our military families in the 1st Assembly District, thank you for your sacrifice. Enjoy the weekend, everyone!

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle