This Week: Welcome New Counties – Alpine, Amador, & El Dorado


I am thrilled to represent the new 1st Assembly District of California for the next two years! Welcome to our new constituents from Alpine‚ Amador‚ and El Dorado counties. My team and I look forward to getting to know you and serving you… and we’ve already started. (See sections below.)

For our new constituents or if you’re new to receiving emails from me‚ here’s what you can expect: important updates on legislation‚ resources to help you and your family thrive‚ and – one of my personal favorite topics – celebrating what is unique and wonderful about the people of AD01. In addition to our weekly newsletter‚ this year my team and I will be launching social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram to better connect with you. (Stay tuned for more on this in future newsletters.) My website is also a valuable resource for connecting with my team‚ sharing your thoughts on legislation‚ and more.

In my office‚ we like the saying “small but mighty.” With a team of six‚ I represent the largest Assembly District in California‚ which is approximately the size of West Virginia‚ but the 6+ hour drive from the top of our district to the bottom doesn’t stop us from getting out into our district and connecting with you as much as we can. If you need assistance‚ please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

In the meantime‚ cold weather often means some of our communities are faced with power outages. If you need outage information for your area‚ visit the PG&E Outage Map here or check with your local utility provider. You can also find helpful tips for preparing for outages here.

Happy Holidays from Team Dahle!

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle


Assemblywoman Dahle in Alpine CountyAlpine County

After my swearing in ceremony earlier this month‚ my team and I traveled to Markleeville in Alpine County‚ the smallest county in California‚ to meet with local elected officials and community leaders. Pictured here is Superintendent Ken Burkhart and Director of Innovation & Student Success‚ Jamie Phillips.

Did you know the school district in Alpine County is one of only seven in California that is referred to as a “Single Single”? This means the entire county is represented by a single school district. This often requires staff to double up on duties.

For over two years‚ education has been a top priority for you – and for me as your representative. With Alpine County now included‚ the 1st Assembly District contains 4 of the 7 “Single Single” school districts in California. My team and I look forward to representing these unique districts‚ and building on the work we accomplished last year with AB 2337‚ a bill I authored to define frontier schools.

Assemblywoman Dahle in Amador CountyAmador County

The next stop on our trip was Jackson‚ the county seat in Amador County. With the sun setting early this time of year‚ we arrived in town to a festive and brightly lit main street. My team and I met with County Supervisors‚ Amador County Fair Board Member Laurie Forster‚ and Sheriff Gary Redman to discuss local needs and how we can partner together in the upcoming year.

Something my team and I enjoyed learning about Amador County is how the local Community Foundation acts as an umbrella for nonprofit startups to get their feet under them before “graduating” to their own 501c3 status. What an incredible way to serve the community!

Assemblywoman Dahle in El Dorado CountyEl Dorado County

While only a portion of El Dorado County is represented by the 1st Assembly District‚ we enjoyed our trip to Placerville and our time with local leaders. We especially enjoyed discussing the agriculture industry‚ which brings in approximately $80 million annually for El Dorado County‚ mainly in the form of grapes.

Our meeting with county leaders was incredibly enlightening. My team and I appreciated the collaborative spirit behind the community initiatives. We look forward to joining in on the collaboration‚ and following up on the great conversations we had about El Dorado County’s communities.

This is the first of many opportunities you will have to connect with my team and I out in the district. Stay tuned for more, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to my office by responding to this email in the meantime. Happy Holidays!


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Assemblywoman Dahle is Honored to Serve
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