This Week: Holiday Updates and More


Cheers to the year ahead and Happy Thanksgiving from Team Dahle!

I look forward to spending time with you in the district in the coming weeks before hitting the ground running in 2023; but as we approach Thanksgiving I am reminded of all we have to be grateful for in the 1st Assembly District: beauty‚ community‚ family‚ and so much more.

This will likely be my final newsletter of 2022‚ as our Legislative Constituent Management System (LCMS) – which we use to send out emails and communicate with you in various ways – will be undergoing maintenance starting at the end of this week. This is due to redistricting and the need to update constituent information within our system to reflect the new changes. If you need to get in touch with me or my team during the outage please contact our Redding District Office at 530-223-6300 or send an email to (Or simply respond to this email.)

My team and I are looking forward to welcoming Alpine County‚ Amador County‚ and parts of El Dorado County in the new 1st Assembly District. To get to know our new constituents and local leaders‚ we have a trip planned to this area next month. We will provide updates on our winter travel in the district in future newsletters.

In the meantime‚ colder weather often means power outages for some of our communities. If you are looking for outage updates in your area‚ be sure to visit the PG&E Outage Map here or check with your local utility provider. You can also find helpful tips for preparing for outages here.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle


National Apprenticeship WeekNational Apprenticeship Week

As part of National Apprenticeship Week‚ Assemblywoman Dahle’s team joined President of State Building and Construction Trades Council of California‚ Andrew Meredith‚ at a Redding worksite on the first day of Meredith’s week-long trades tour of California.

Meredith and staff visited the construction site where construction for under-ground utilities was being completed on Bechelli Lane.

Representatives from Tullis Inc. Construction were present to provide a tour of the site and insight on the value of trade apprenticeships in Northern California. Workers on site stopped to share their appreciation for local apprentice programs‚ which have allowed them the ability to pursue a career in the trades.

We are grateful for our trade workers. Happy National Apprenticeship Week!

ReservoirSites Reservoir Tour

On Saturday‚ November 12‚ 2022 my staff joined other Assembly and Senate staff on a tour of the proposed Sites Reservoir Project with Sites Project external affairs manager‚ Kevin Spesert. The Sites Reservoir is an off river reservoir west of Maxwell‚ California, which would capture excess water produced by major storms and allow that water to be saved for drought periods. Doing so would provide farms and communities with additional stored water to utilize during dry periods.

The tour made several stops. First‚ to see the existing canals which would tie in to the project and service the reservoir. Second‚ the area where piping would be installed between the reservoir and canal ways. Third‚ the two areas where the dams would be built to accommodate the reservoir. In addition‚ staff saw areas where proposed recreation points would be built and where a proposed bridge would allow access for Stonyford residents to cross for services in Maxwell.

With water storage continuing to be a major issue for California‚ I am grateful our team was able to participate in this educational opportunity.

Inflation money reliefInflation Relief Checks

We’ve had more and more people reach out about this‚ so I’m including the information from our October newsletter again below.

After months of waiting‚ California’s inflation relief checks are on their way. These payments started on Friday‚ October 7 and will continue through January 15. Payments will be sent either by direct deposit or debit card.

Here is a table of income requirements to see if you qualify for a check:
  • Individuals making under $75‚000 or joint filers earning $150‚000 to get $350 –

    Households with a dependent will get an extra $350
  • Individuals making under $125‚000 or joint filers earning $250‚000 to get $250 –

    Households with a dependent will get extra $250.
  • Individuals making under $250‚000 or joint filers earning $500‚000 to get $200 –

    Households with a dependent will get extra $200.
  • Individuals making more than $250‚000 or joint filers earning $500‚000 will receive NO REFUND.

Besides the income requirement‚ there is also a residency requirement‚ tax deadline requirement and tax filing requirement. More information can be found here.

Payments range from $200 to $1‚050 depending on your income‚ filing status and number of dependents. If you’ve changed your bank or address‚ you can find some answers here.
Helpful FTB Resources:
Determine Eligibility
Estimate Payment Amount
What You May Receive


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