This Week: Human Trafficking Awareness Month and More


January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month and on January 11th – National Human Trafficking Awareness Day – the Capitol was filled with members wearing blue to bring attention to this issue. Every year‚ the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) law enforcement alone identifies hundreds of girls‚ boys‚ women‚ and men as victims of human trafficking in the United States. The National Human Trafficking Hotline also receives thousands of contacts annually from people all across the U.S.

According to the DHS‚ human traffickers use various forms of force‚ fraud‚ and coercion to control and exploit victims. These forms include imposing of debt‚ fraudulent employment opportunities‚ false promises of love or a better life‚ psychological coercion‚ and violence or threats of violence. The crime of human trafficking hinges on the exploitation of another person. People often falsely believe “human trafficking” implies victims must be moved from one place to another to qualify as a victim. Human trafficking does not require transportation to be considered a crime. It is a crime that can be committed against an individual who has never left his or her hometown.

This year‚ I introduced HR-7 to officially recognize the month of January as National Human Trafficking Awareness Month by the California State Assembly. This is a bill Senator Shannon Grove introduced last year‚ which I supported. Solving this problem begins with raising awareness. Learn more about human trafficking and the Blue Campaign here.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle


Upstate California Creative Corps logoFunding Opportunity for Local Art – California Creative Corps

A one-time General Fund allocation from California’s 2021-22 State Budget of $60 million has made it possible for California’s Art Council to implement the California Creative Corps pilot program.

This is an engagement campaign designed to increase awareness around public health‚ water and energy conservation‚ climate mitigation‚ and emergency preparedness‚ relief‚ and recovery‚ as well as social and racial justice.

The California Arts Council selected fourteen organizations to administer the Creative Corps across nine regions of California. The Nevada County Arts Council has been selected to create a regranting program for Upstate California‚ putting to work $4‚230‚216 in workforce development funds for artists‚ as well as for arts and social service organizations who will employ artists between early 2023 and late 2024.

Grant applications open in February 2023. Learn more at

Women's CaucusWomen’s Caucus – The State of Childcare

Earlier this week‚ Women’s Caucus advocates from across the state joined together to discuss the state of childcare in California. Panelists covered various aspects of the childcare industry‚ including the implementation of TK and the unintended impacts it is having on at home childcare providers and families.

Childcare is a vital piece to California’s workforce‚ and I am pleased to see the Women’s Caucus seeking solutions to this important issue.

Schools Choice WeekSchool Choice Week

It’s National School Choice Week!

Each child is unique and so is how they learn. School choice allows parents to identify the best learning environments for their children.

As a parent and Vice Chair of the Assembly Education Committee‚ It’s imperative we always prioritize students’ needs first. Every child deserves an education that empowers and inspires them to be successful.

I look forward to another year of advocating for education equality and opportunity for all of California’s students. Learn more about the education opportunities in your community by visiting You can also visit my new Facebook and Instagram pages to see my School Choice Week video.


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