This Week: Ag Day‚ K-9 Bill Update and More


This week‚ legislators from the Senate and Assembly convened at the Capitol to recognize the significant contributions of California’s agricultural community and the dedicated agricultural workers who make it all possible‚ despite the rainy weather. The event marked the celebration of Ag Day‚ a crucial occasion to honor the critical role that the agriculture industry plays in our state‚ country‚ and the world.

California’s agribusiness is the top agricultural producer in the US‚ contributing to a $54 billion industry that generates at least $100 billion in related economic activity. Over a third of the country’s vegetables and two-thirds of the country’s fruits and nuts are grown in our state. Furthermore‚ our agricultural commodities feed the world‚ making us the fifth largest supplier of food‚ cotton fiber‚ and other vital products.

The significance of Ag Day goes beyond celebrating the vital industry‚ as it also provides an opportunity to educate legislators on the importance of agriculture in California and the challenges faced by farmers due to policies passed and imposed by the legislature‚ as well as regulations created by state agencies. It is essential that our leaders fully grasp the needs and value of an industry like agriculture‚ as harmful legislation and unnecessary obstacles can adversely impact an industry that brings so much value to our great state.

As someone with a background in farming‚ I hold a deep appreciation for the significance of agriculture and the need to invest in its growth and development. The industry plays a pivotal role in the communities of the 1st Assembly District‚ and indeed‚ all Californians. At this year’s Ag Day‚ legislators interacted with grandparents‚ parents‚ and children at various booths representing different facets of the agriculture industry‚ demonstrating the generational nature of the industry. It was also great to see students from FFA and 4H present‚ representing youth in agriculture. My vision for the future of our state and the agriculture industry is to inspire a passion for agriculture and a comprehension of its importance in the minds and hearts of the next generation. By inspiring today’s children‚ we can nurture tomorrow̻s innovators who will continue to drive the growth and prosperity of California’s agricultural industry.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle


Assemblywoman Dahle meets General Darren WernerMeeting with Major General Darren Werner

Senator Dahle and I along with our staff were recently invited to meet with Major General Darren Werner‚ commanding general of the U.S. Army Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) at the Sierra Army Depot; LTC Amy M. Cory‚ Sierra Army Depot Commander; Don Olson, Deputy Commander; Jon Hunter‚ Chief of Staff: Billy Rowland‚ Mission Commander; Jason Tong‚ AJ1/SSA Director; Riley Junk R3 Director; Jason Howard Community Master Planner; and Jason Blankenship‚ Reutilization OPS Manager. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the U.S. Army’s current operations within the Organic Industrial Base (OIB)‚ as well as its future workload and current efforts and future plans towards modernization at Sierra Army Depot and across the entire OIB.

It was a great opportunity to learn more about the Army’s plans and priorities‚ and to express our support for their important work. We discussed the importance of widening the US 395 highway corridor to support traffic safety and their plans to improve the 59 miles of railroad system within the base footprint. Did you know that Sierra Army Depot maintains mobile hospital units and water purifying systems for Army deployment‚ ships parts for armored vehicles and tanks throughout the Army‚ and sends out all uniform items issued to every new Army Reserve recruit in the nation? I look forward to continuing to work with the military to support their efforts.

Assemblywoman Dahle meets Zoe KeriotisMeeting with Nevada Union High School Student‚ Zoe Keriotis

Last week‚ I met with Nevada Union High School All Student Body President‚ Zoe Keriotis‚ and Nevada Union High School Principal‚ Kelly Rhoden. Zoe‚ initially‚ wrote in to share her thoughts on a local project on a school assignment‚ but our conversation ranged from athletics to mental health. Zoe was incredibly encouraging when she shared “things are getting better.” Assembly District 1 is fortunate to have students like Zoe. Their curiosity‚ leadership‚ and vulnerability will bridge our generations.

AB742K-9 Bill Update

As your representative for the 1st Assembly District‚ I deeply understand your concerns for public safety. Earlier this week‚ I sent you an email to notify you about a bill that was being discussed in the Public Safety Committee. The proposed legislation aimed to restrict the use of K-9 police dogs for arrests and crowd control. My office provided you with the necessary information to call in to the committee on Tuesday and express your thoughts on the matter to the Assemblymembers who were voting on it that day.

The bill passed out of the Assembly Public Safety Committee with a vote of 6-2. If this bill makes it into law‚ police and law enforcement agencies will have fewer tools to de-escalate dangerous situations. In the coming weeks and months‚ however, there will be additional opportunities to share your opinions on this bill and other critical legislation. My team and I will keep you updated via email and social media channels‚ such as my Facebook and Instagram pages. If you want to learn more about AB-742, you can find the details here.

I am grateful for the hundreds of individuals who have reached out to my office to share their thoughts on this bill. It is a privilege to represent a district of individuals who are actively engaged in the legislative process. My colleague and Vice Chair of the Public Safety Committee‚ former California Highway Patrolman Tom Lackey‚ spoke about the problems this bill would create in Tuesday’s committee meeting. You can listen to his comments here.


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