This Week: Woman of the Year‚ Education & Ag Legislation‚ and More


This week‚ we had the privilege of celebrating the 1st Assembly District’s Woman of the Year‚ Heather Hadwick. As a former Office of Emergency Services director and expert in disaster management‚ Heather has played a crucial role in ensuring the safety and well-being of those affected by disasters‚ including the devastating Modoc Fires in 2022.

Heather’s exceptional leadership and coordination during the Modoc Fires helped manage and communicate the evacuation process. As a result‚ she ensured the safety of those affected by the fires. She has also served as the Modoc County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Director of OES and now works as the Modoc County Office of Education Safety and Communications Specialist.

Heather and her husband are also the proud owners of Hadwick Family Farm Pumpkin Patch in Alturas‚ where they raise Highland cattle‚ teach public safety to high school students‚ and volunteer their time to the community. As a woman in agriculture‚ Heather is a role model for young women who aspire to work in traditionally male-dominated fields. Her dedication to her work and community is a testament to her values and commitment to improving the lives of those around her.

Additionally‚ Heather helps keep our office connected to everyone and everything going on in Modoc County. We are grateful for her commitment to improving her community‚ and I am proud to honor Heather’s accomplishments and recognize her as the 2023 Woman of the Year. Congratulations‚ Heather‚ and thank you for your dedication and service to our community.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle


Assemblywoman Dahle Legislative BillsEducation & Agriculture Legislation Move Forward

This week‚ two of my bills passed in the Assembly Education Committee and Assembly Agriculture Committee.

The proposed AB 1141 builds upon the successful Livestock Pass bill that was championed two years ago. This bill seeks to expand the existing framework to include training for ranchers to access their land and animals behind the fire line during wildfire emergencies. I am proud to have spearheaded the Livestock Pass bill in 2021‚ which has already yielded great results. With AB 1141‚ we aim to expand the Livestock Pass to include more commodities beyond livestock. As someone in a farming family in the wildfire-prone North State‚ I know firsthand the feeling of helplessness that comes with watching a disaster devastate a community and its livelihoods in a matter of moments. By giving farmers and ranchers the tools they need to protect their assets during such emergencies‚ we hope to mitigate the damage and provide a lifeline to those who rely on agriculture to make a living. Learn more about this bill here.

The second bill‚ AB 1722‚ aims to provide California’s schools. Many of the schools in our district and others are unable to fill their credentialed school nurse position. One school in Sierra County has been attempting to fill this position for four years‚ leaving teachers and administrative staff to take one this role in addition to their many other responsibilities. This also puts students at a disadvantage‚ especially those with special medical needs such as diabetes. This bill would allow the option for Local Educational Agencies to hire licensed vocational nurses (LVN) in the event they cannot fill the position with a credentialed school registered nurse‚ providing much needed relief to schools such as the one in Sierra County who have been unable to fill this vital role but have been limited by legislative requirements. Learn more about this bill here.

I will keep you updated by email on how you can help support this legislation as it continues to move forward. In the meantime‚ you can find more on AB 1722 here and more on AB 1141 here.

Bright Futures for Youth staff“Power of the Purse” by Bright Futures for Youth in Nevada County

Did you know that 50% of those who are homeless now‚ were also homeless as teens? California is in the midst of a homelessness crisis and a cost of living crisis‚ and Bright Futures for Youth in Nevada County – my 2022 Nonprofit of the Year – is doing something about it.

Nineteen years ago The Friendship Club was founded in Nevada County‚ and today it has grown into a nonprofit offering wraparound services to children in 6th grade and above. My staff attended the event on Wednesday and heard from community leaders such as Sheriff Shannon Moon‚ pictured here with my staff‚ Yolanda Cookson‚ and Friendship Club alumna‚ Jacque “JC” Chavez.

The event was hosted by the organization’s Executive Director‚ Jennifer Singer‚ who employed current and former Friendship Club attendees‚ like JC, to speak about their experiences in the program. The presentation was heartfelt‚ moving‚ and well attended by the community. It was a great reminder of why Bright Futures for Youth was chosen as the 1st Assembly District’s 2022 Nonprofit of the Year. Learn more about the work they are doing here.

Shasta County FirefightersShasta County Volunteer Firefighter of the Year

Last Friday‚ the Annual Shasta County Volunteer Firefighters Appreciation Dinner was held to honor the selfless service of volunteer firefighters in the area. Among the honored were Carrie Taylor‚ who was named the 2022 Shasta County Volunteer Firefighter of the Year‚ Theresa Carroll‚ who received the 2022 Legacy Award‚ and Bill Ellis‚ recognized for his remarkable 35 years of service.

Volunteer firefighters play a crucial role in maintaining community safety‚ and they are often the first to respond in case of emergencies since they live and work in the areas they volunteer. The volunteer firefighters of Shasta County are no exception‚ and their efforts go a long way in ensuring the safety and well-being of the communities they serve. The event was attended by various members of the community‚ including my staff‚ who expressed their appreciation for the efforts of the volunteer firefighters. It was an opportunity to extend heartfelt thanks to these selfless individuals who put their lives on the line to help others.

To learn more about volunteering as a firefighter in Shasta County‚ interested individuals can call 530-225-2418. No prior experience is necessary‚ as all training and equipment are provided.


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