This Week: Combatting the Fentanyl Crisis and More


Many of you have been following the important updates from my office on legislation being run to end California’s fentanyl crisis. Unfortunately‚ some common-sense‚ bipartisan bills aimed at holding fentanyl traffickers accountable were killed yesterday in the Assembly Public Safety committee. These bills would have imposed meaningful consequences on those who are killing hundreds of Californians every month with poison-laced counterfeit drugs. While the committee advanced bills to create a task force to study the issue and increase coordination between different levels of law enforcement‚ the committee rejected multiple bills that would actually hold dealers accountable and get fentanyl off of our streets.

We acknowledge and appreciate all those who showed up in Sacramento to support this critical bi-partisan legislation‚ as well as those who called in to express their support during the Assembly Public Safety Committee. Your voices are critical to shaping policy and making a difference.

The committee killed the following bills:

  • AB 367 (Maienschein) – add a sentencing enhancement for fentanyl dealers who kill or seriously injure people they sell the drug to.
  • AB 1058 (Jim Patterson) – increase penalties for those possessing large quantities of fentanyl.

The committee held the following bills‚ making it unlikely they will make a difference in the fentanyl epidemic:

  • AB 675 (Soria) – prohibit carrying a gun while in possession of fentanyl‚ amended to make violations more difficult to prove.
  • AB 955 (Petrie-Norris) – increase penalties for fentanyl dealers who sell on social media‚ placed on interim study to kick the can even farther down the road.

On the other hand, bills that advanced out of the committee were:

  • AB 33 (Bains) – to establish a Fentanyl Addiction and Overdose Prevention Task Force.
  • AB 474 (Rodriguez) – prioritize cooperation between state and local law enforcement to disrupt fentanyl trafficking organizations.
  • AB 701 (Villapudua) – enhance penalties for selling large quantities of specified controlled substances.

We want to assure you that we will continue to inform you of important opportunities to make your voice heard and engage in policy making‚ even though we did not see the results we hoped for today. Let’s work together to protect our communities from the devastating effects of fentanyl.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle


This week at the CapitolThis Week at the Capitol

It has been a productive and successful week in the Assembly Committees‚ as three bills I authored have unanimously passed. AB 1326 mandates that school board vacancies be posted online‚ providing more transparency and accessibility for busy parents and guardians. AB 1342 updates the eligibility requirements for the California College Promise fee waiver‚ while AB 1402 expands the funding for sexual assault forensic exams to include medical evidentiary examinations for child physical abuse or neglect victims‚ free of charge.

Additionally‚ I am proud to co-author SB 14 with Senator Grove‚ which received bi-partisan support and aims to make human trafficking a serious felony. At a press conference this week‚ we were joined by human trafficking survivors and community organizations in support of this important bill.

My team and I also had the opportunity to meet with the Consumer Attorneys of California‚ California Teacher Association‚ and the North Valley Property Owners Association to discuss their respective legislative priorities. We also welcomed Modoc High School’s Public Safety Class for a trip to the Capitol‚ providing our students with a firsthand look at our government and inspiring them to be tomorrow’s leaders.

Finally‚ we showed our support for Sexual Assault Awareness Month by participating in Denim Day and met with the Health Alliance of Northern California to discuss issues important to health centers in the 1st Assembly District. It is always a pleasure to engage with individuals from my district in Sacramento.

Cal Trans District 2 Workers MemorialCalTrans District 2 Workers Memorial in Adin

Earlier this week‚ representatives from our office and Senator Dahle’s office attended CalTrans District 2’s Annual Workers Memorial. This event is an opportunity to remember and pay tribute to the men and women who have lost their lives while working to build‚ maintain‚ and operate California’s transportation system.

Since 1921‚ 191 Caltrans workers have tragically lost their lives while performing their duties. These workers were dedicated to ensuring the safety and efficiency of California’s transportation infrastructure‚ and their sacrifices will not be forgotten.

The Workers Memorial serves as a solemn reminder of the dangers that transportation workers face each day. We honor the fallen workers and express our gratitude to those who continue to work tirelessly to maintain and improve our state’s transportation system.

This week in Nevada CountyThis Week in Nevada County

This week‚ staff member‚ Yolanda Cookson‚ had the opportunity to attend the Nevada City Earth Fest Street Fair on April 20th. The event was organized by the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce and featured numerous merchants‚ artists‚ and educational booths that attracted both visitors and locals. Nonprofit organizations were also in attendance‚ offering valuable information on environmental preservation‚ particularly related to our streams‚ rivers‚ and forests.

My staff also joined the April meeting of the Nevada City Chamber of Commerce Board‚ where she provided a brief presentation to update the Board members on my legislative package and shared district-wide news. We take great pride in our team’s commitment to engaging with the community‚ and we look forward to future opportunities to connect with our neighbors and make a positive impact.

Minerva ScholarshipMinerva Scholarship

We are thrilled to announce that the Women’s Caucus is once again offering its annual Minerva Scholarship program‚ helping deserving students achieve their educational dreams. This is the fourth consecutive year that we have offered this program‚ and we are excited to be continuing this tradition of empowering women through education.

As of April 15‚ 2023‚ eligible students can submit their applications for the Minerva Scholarship program. The deadline for applications is May 31‚ 2023, at 11:59 pm‚ so be sure to mark your calendars and submit your application on time. The Minerva Scholarship program was created to provide financial support to deserving students‚ and we are proud to announce that this year‚ we will be awarding 108 scholarships to deserving female students‚ each worth $3‚000. We encourage all eligible students to apply for the Minerva Scholarship program and take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

For more information and to apply‚ please visit


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