This week‚ a series of fires have erupted in the 1st Assembly District. My team and I have been in contact with local authorities to stay informed about the unfolding situation. We stand ready to provide any assistance necessary during this challenging time. The extensive experience gained from previous encounters with wildfires has equipped our local officials with the knowledge to navigate such disasters effectively.

A few important reminders about responding to wildfires:

  • Be Prepared: Have a go bag ready with important medications and documents‚ food‚ water‚ and a change of clothing. If you have pets‚ include pet food in your go bag and be sure to include them in your evacuation plan.
  • Sign Up for Alerts: Visit your county’s website or Office of Emergency Services page to ensure you have the most up to date information for your area. In a recent newsletter‚ we included information about Genasys Protect (Formerly Zonehaven) which is active in 7 of our 11 counties. For your convenience‚ the same information is included at the bottom of this email.
  • Get Fuel: Don’t let your vehicles run low on fuel. If an evacuation notice is given‚ be sure you have enough fuel to get to safety.
  • Evacuate: When officials give notice‚ DO NOT HESITATE. Your life is the one thing you can’t replace.

You can find additional wildfire resources on my website here. My team and I continue to monitor these developments. To the affected communities‚ you are in our thoughts and prayers.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle


Cindy Gustafson East Placer County Evacuation And Emergency Preparedness Town HallEast Placer County Evacuation and Emergency Preparedness Town Hall

This week my staff virtually attended the East Placer County Evacuation and Emergency Preparedness Town Hall‚ which brought together stakeholders and the public to address wildfire concerns. Hosted by Supervisor Cindy Gustafson‚ the event featured experts discussing community safety during fire emergencies.

Supervisor Cindy Gustafson emphasized collaborative wildfire efforts. Sheriff Wayne Woo introduced panelists from agencies like California Highway Patrol‚ US Forest Service‚ and CAL FIRE. Topics included recent Mosquito and River fire evacuations‚ emphasizing coordinated multi-agency response. The Placer County Sheriff’s Office highlighted their role and effective media campaigns for information dissemination.

Unified command‚ evacuation plans‚ repopulation procedures‚ and proactive wildfire strategies were discussed followed by public questions which furthered the dialogue on evacuation and preparedness.

It’s positive to hear about these collaborative efforts toward wildfire mitigation and preparedness in the 1st Assembly District. This is an important topic and I’m glad my staff was able to attend this important event. Read more about the event here.

Nevada County FairNevada County Fair

Recently‚ Senator Dahle and I attended the Nevada County Fair‚ accompanied by my staff member‚ Yolanda Cookson. During our visit‚ we connected with Nevada County Broadcaster On-Air Personality Dave Bear as well as several other local officials.

Growing up with a profound connection to county fairs and being rooted in the rural North State‚ my family and I have a deep value for these events and the benefits they afford our communities. County fairs function as robust economic drivers‚ fostering an enduring appreciation for agriculture among our youth‚ and serving as crucial havens during times of disaster.

In the 1st Assembly District‚ a number of fairs are yet to take place this year. For a list of some of these upcoming events‚ please visit my website here.

Shasta County Day Reporting CenterTour of the Shasta County Day Reporting Center

After the recent graduation ceremony‚ Team Dahle had the privilege of gaining deeper insights into the operations of the Shasta Day Reporting Center (DRC) through an informative building tour this week. Leading the tour was Danielle Gehrung‚ the dedicated Program Manager who has lent her expertise to the DRC for a span of nearly seven years. Gehrung highlighted the inner workings of the program‚ shedding light on its accomplishments and the profound impact it has had on its beneficiaries. Their facility has been thoughtfully designed with resources and motivational cues by Gehrung and her team‚ creating an environment of encouragement from every vantage point.

The services provided by the DRC are tailored to assist individuals in smoothly reintegrating into society following periods of incarceration‚ encompassing vital elements such as substance abuse treatment‚ mental health counseling‚ educational pursuits‚ vocational training‚ job placement aid‚ and effective case management. Notably‚ the engagement doesn’t end there-regular check-ins with probation or parole officers‚ as well as participation in mandatory drug testing‚ are integral components of the program. The program’s unwavering commitment to providing crucial support and resources has had remarkable outcomes‚ leaving a positive imprint on the lives of participants and the community at large. Learn more about the Shasta DRC here.

Tim Mapes OESGenasys Protect Now Active in Shasta County and 7 of the 11 Counties in AD 01

Genasys Protect (formerly known as Zonehaven Aware) is now online and fully operational in Shasta County. This is a major step forward in enhancing our community’s preparedness for emergencies‚ especially wildfires that can impact rural Northern California.

Now that Genasys Protect is active‚ you can enter your address into the interactive map search bar at to determine which zone your residence falls under. It’s also a good idea to make note of zones for places you frequent often‚ such as your workplace‚ schools‚ and the homes of loved ones. During an emergency‚ the website will provide updates on evacuation orders or warnings‚ road closures‚ shelter locations‚ collection points for evacuated animals‚ and more.

In case of wildfires or other emergency situations‚ law enforcement and other public safety agencies can quickly select affected zones to provide critical information and ensure your safety. To receive these essential alerts‚ please ensure you are signed up for CodeRed notifications by visiting:

In the 1st Assembly District‚ 7 of our 11 counties are using Genasys Protect‚ with an 8th becoming operational shortly. Learn more about this invaluable resource by clicking here.

Lassen – Genasys Protect and GEM Alert & Warning
Modoc – Genasys Protectand GEM Alert & Warning
Nevada – Genasys Protectbr /> Plumas – Genasys Protect and GEM Alert & Warning
Shasta – Genasys Protect
Sierra – Genasys Protect
Siskiyou – Genasys Protect

Click here to watch the video from Shasta County on Genasys Protect.


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