This week‚ I am bringing you a glimpse into a longtime tradition of Team Dahle- sharing locally grown produce from the 1st Assembly District with Capitol staff and legislators. The peaches pictured here came from Hawes Farm in Shasta County‚ and were picked just a day or two before we distributed them at the Capitol. At the heart of our tradition lies a dual purpose: to support the hardworking businesses in the 1st Assembly District and to extend an invitation for our fellow legislators and Capitol staff to experience a piece of rural California. Here’s how:

1. Cultivating Community and Commerce: As a pro-business advocate and entrepreneur‚ I have a deep awareness of the challenges facing our local businesses. Our initiative to share district produce serves as a testament to our commitment in fostering growth and sustainability. By showcasing the incredible products of our region‚ we celebrate the resilience of our local entrepreneurs and underscore the importance of vibrant rural economies.

2. Bridging the Gap: Urban and rural cultures are very different‚ but we have an abundance of both in California. Our endeavor to bring the farm to the forefront aims to bridge this gap. “Farm-to-table” has become a popular term in recent years – but it’s about more than fine dining. “Farm-to-table” is about forging a connection between individuals and the source of their food. By attaching origin stories to the food we share‚ we are fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of agriculture in those who do not experience it on a daily basis‚ like many of us in AD 01.

3. Experiencing Rural California: Our commitment to “Raising Rural Voices” extends beyond the legislation. Rural communities are vital to the makeup of California‚ yet they are often overlooked in the policymaking process. Through sharing tangible things‚ such as produce‚ with our colleagues and staff‚ we open a dialogue about what it means to live and work in rural California. This enables us to have a more comprehensive approach to policy that embraces the diversity of our state.

This annual tradition is a testament to our pride in where we come from and our enthusiasm to introduce our colleagues to the rural lifestyles of the 1st Assembly District. Through something as simple as peaches‚ we offer a tangible slice of our culture and a reminder that the true essence of California lies in its rich diversity. View all of the photos from this event here.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle


Sikh Business Owners visiting Assemblywoman DahleSB 553 – Harmful to Business Owners

SB 553‚ which has garnered opposition from dozens of pro-business organizations including the California Chamber of Commerce‚ recently prompted Sikh business owners from various corners of the district to stop by my office to express their opposition to the bill. This bill’s implications are particularly focused on the rights and abilities of both employees and business proprietors to safeguard their establishments during instances of robbery or theft‚ an issue that has grown exponentially in California.

A recent incident underscored the urgency of addressing this matter: two convenience store employees took matters into their own hands when confronted by a man determined to rob their store for the third time in a single day. This event has further fueled the discourse around the “soft on crime” policies that have been pervasive‚ contributing to the challenges of operating businesses in California’s already intricate landscape. The pressing need for change in this regard is increasingly apparent‚ as stakeholders grapple with finding solutions to strike a balance between maintaining a safe business environment and navigating the state’s intricate regulatory environment. SB 553 moves California in the wrong direction. Learn more about this bill here.

Parental Rights at CapitolParental Rights Rally at the Capitol

On Monday‚ engaged Californians and parents came together at the Capitol to express their opposition to legislation that would threaten parental rights‚ including the bills I shared with you in my recent email (included below).

Our society thrives when families are empowered to make well-informed decisions concerning the welfare of their children. Thank you to all the parents and Californians who came out to the Capitol and stopped by my office to express their opposition to legislation that threatens parental rights. (Including but not limited to the following.)
  • SB 407 (Weiner) would discriminate against potential foster families if their beliefs don’t align with allowing children to have “gender-affirming” surgeries and procedures.
  • AB 665 (Wendy Carrillo) would allow minors as young as 12 to decide to seek mental health treatment without the consent or knowledge of their parents or guardians. This bill violates the rights of parents to make health decisions for their children and assumes that parents do not have their child’s best interests in mind.
  • AB 957 (Wilson) would give the courts the ability to decide child custody cases based on whether or not a parent would support “gender affirmation‚” including life-altering surgery.
  • AB 1078 (Corey Jackson) allows the state to dictate what kind of material our kids are reading‚ pushing a statewide agenda rather than allowing for local control in our schools.

Parental rights are the bedrock of a thriving society. We have a collective responsibility to ensure that these rights are upheld and respected. I stand with you‚ my constituents‚ in advocating for the rights of parents to guide and nurture their children according to their values and beliefs.

Tim Mapes OESGenasys Protect Now Active in Shasta County and 7 of the 11 Counties in AD 01

I am resharing the following information for a third time due to high levels of engagement and positive constituent feedback.

In the 1st Assembly District‚ 7 of our 11 counties are using Genasys Protect‚ with an 8th becoming operational shortly. Genasys Protect is an evacuation management tool that helps communities and first responders more effectively plan‚ communicate, and execute evacuations. It is a platform where residents can look up their addresses using the search bar and use the zone map to find evacuation information for their area. Learn more about this invaluable resource by clicking here.

Lassen – Genasys Protect and GEM Alert & Warning
Modoc – Genasys Protectand GEM Alert & Warning
Nevada – Genasys Protectbr /> Plumas – Genasys Protect and GEM Alert & Warning
Shasta – Genasys Protect
Sierra – Genasys Protect
Siskiyou – Genasys Protect

Should you have any trouble using the links above‚ use this link to download the app to a smartphone.


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