I am writing to draw your attention to a critical matter that demands our collective action and voices in Sacramento. Your participation can make a significant difference in shaping our community’s future.

Senate Bill 14 (SB 14)‚ a bipartisan initiative‚ has received unanimous support in the Senate. Now, it stands at a crucial juncture in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. As a dedicated coauthor of SB 14 and Vice Chair of the Appropriations Committee‚ I will be voting in favor of this legislation. SB 14 serves as a beacon of hope in our fight against child trafficking‚ and it is important for us to rally behind it.

Additionally‚ there are certain bills that threaten to undermine our efforts to maintain law and order in California‚ especially during a period when our state is grappling with a surge in criminal activity. I must express my strong opposition to the following bills‚ which‚ if passed‚ could exacerbate the challenges we face:

  • SB 553 (Cortese) – A measure that restricts the ability of business owners to protect their establishments from shoplifting.
  • ACA 4 (Bryan) – A proposal that would grant felons the right to vote while serving their sentences.
  • SB 81 (Skinner) – A bill that establishes a presumption in favor of releasing prison inmates eligible for parole.
  • SB 94 (Cortese) – An initiative that would permit parole for individuals sentenced to life without parole for first-degree murder.


This Thursday‚ August 31st‚ at 9 AM‚ an important event will take place at the Capitol. We will stand united in our determination to oppose these pro-crime bills and advocate for the betterment of our state. Your presence would be greatly appreciated as we collectively strive for a safer California. To learn more and confirm your attendance‚ visit our Facebook event page here.

For those who are unable to attend in person‚ I encourage you to make your voice heard by contacting the Appropriations Committee. Please express your support for SB 14 and your strong opposition to the bills outlined above. You can reach the Committee at (916) 319-2081 or via email at approps.committee@assembly.ca.gov.

Your involvement is crucial in shaping the future we envision for California. Thank you for your time‚ consideration‚ and commitment to our shared cause.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle


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