SACRAMENTO – In a proactive move to address the pressing nursing shortage on California school campuses, Assemblywoman Dahle introduced AB 1722 this year. This crucial legislation proposes innovative measures to provide local educational agencies (LEAs) with greater flexibility in hiring licensed vocational nurses (LVNs) when credentialed school nurses are unavailable, ultimately ensuring improved student health and safety.

AB 1722 focuses on addressing the critical shortage of school nurses by introducing a practical solution that enables schools to provide medical care for students. The bill offers LEAs the option to employ LVNs, supervised by credentialed school nurses, to bridge the gap and ensure students’ healthcare needs are met.

“AB 1722 is a step toward enhancing the health and safety of our students in the face of a growing school nurse shortage,” Assemblywoman Dahle stated. “This legislation recognizes the urgency of the situation- especially in rural areas of  California, such as the 1st Assembly District- and provides schools with a viable solution to ensure trained medical professionals are available to address students’ medical needs.”

The existing shortage of school nurses poses a significant challenge to ensuring comprehensive healthcare for students. AB 1722 recognizes that the lack of qualified school nurses undermines schools’ capacity to deliver adequate care, address chronic illnesses, and effectively handle medical emergencies. Furthermore, the bill alleviates the undue strain on school personnel who lack the specialized medical training of a school nurse to respond to student medical crises.

Supported by a coalition of education advocates, healthcare professionals, and concerned citizens, AB 1722 has gained significant backing for its potential to alleviate the school nurse crisis. The bill represents a collaborative effort to enhance student health and safety while addressing the challenges posed by the shortage of qualified medical professionals on campuses.

The introduction of AB 1722 underscores Assemblywoman Dahle’s commitment to finding practical solutions to prioritize students’ well-being. By introducing legislation that offers schools the flexibility to hire trained medical professionals, Assemblywoman Dahle takes a proactive approach to improving healthcare access for students across California.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle represents the 1st Assembly District in the California Legislature, which includes portions of El Dorado and Placer counties, along with Alpine, Amador, Lassen, Modoc, Nevada, Plumas, Shasta, Sierra, and Siskiyou counties.