District Tour with Assembly Chair of Education‚ Two Bills Signed by Governor and More


This week‚ my team and I had the privilege of hosting Assemblymember Al Muratsuchi‚ Chair of the Assembly Education Committee‚ here in the 1st assembly district. Representing an area of Southern California‚ our districts look very different and face many different challenges. This visit provided an excellent opportunity for my colleague to engage with education professionals and community leaders in Northern California‚ where we discussed the challenges and successes they have encountered with the legislation that comes out of Sacramento.

During our tour‚ we visited Greenville‚ California‚ which suffered extensive devastation from the Dixie fire two years ago. The fire came incredibly close to the local school‚ even melting and destroying the playground structure. In the attached photos‚ you can see the installation of a new playground structure‚ replacing the old one. Furthermore‚ when the school’s sign was consumed by the flames‚ they creatively repurposed a fallen tree to craft a new sign‚ symbolizing the community’s resilience and commitment to rebuilding their home.

After our time in Greenville‚ we traveled to Quincy to explore an innovative solution aimed at alleviating the teacher housing dilemma. By offering an affordable housing option‚ new hires gain the opportunity to acclimate to the area while waiting for more permanent housing to become available‚ a situation made even more complex due to California’s housing crisis‚ particularly affecting rural areas.

Following our site visit‚ we toured the local high school in Quincy‚ where we had engaging interactions with students‚ teachers‚ and administrators. Then‚ we made our way to the Plumas County Office of Education for a productive lunch meeting with several administrators. This meeting proved to be a valuable occasion to illustrate the distinct challenges encountered by rural and frontier school districts to my colleague based in Southern California.

One topic of particular interest was the discussion surrounding the implementation of electric buses in the area‚ shedding light on a significant issue that several schools in my district have been grappling with. We extend our gratitude to the Plumas County Superintendent and their team for generously hosting us and dedicating time from their demanding schedules to engage in a meaningful discussion about education.

Thank you to Assemblymember Muratsuchi and his staff for their willingness to journey to the 1st Assembly District‚ listen to the concerns of the constituents I represent‚ and collaborate with us in Sacramento to better serve our communities. You can view additional photos from this trip on my Facebook page here.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle

Bills Signed by Governor
Bills Signed by Governor

I am pleased to share two of my bills were signed by the Governor last week‚ AB 1722‚ aimed at addressing school nurse shortages‚ and AB 1402‚ focused on improving the availability and affordability of child abuse forensic exams‚ both originated in the 1st Assembly District. Notably‚ both bills garnered unanimous support throughout the legislative process.

I extend my gratitude to Kimberly Johnson‚ CEO of the Children’s Legacy Center and One Safe Place‚ as well as Dr. Sean Dugan‚ Director of Forensic Services for the Shasta Community Forensic Care Team‚ for their collaborative efforts on AB 1402. The enactment of this bill removes a significant barrier hindering victims from accessing the crucial treatment and resources they require.

I also want to express my appreciation to Scott Lay‚ the Nevada County Superintendent of Schools‚ for his collaboration on AB 1722 and for his testimony in Sacramento underscoring the bill’s significance. Our students deserve access to medical professionals while at school‚ and this legislation ensures that this is a reality‚ especially for our rural and frontier facilities.

If you have an idea for a bill‚ you can share it with my office here.


Siskiyou County Dump Day‚ Oct. 28th

Caltrans‚ in partnership with Siskiyou County General Services, will pay dump fees for household waste at the Oberlin Transfer Station and the Black Butte Transfer Station on October 28th from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM or until capacity is reached. This is a great opportunity to get rid of unwanted items and declutter your home. Please note that this event is only available to Siskiyou County residents and certain limitations apply.

Caltrans is working hard to fulfill their part in the Clean California initiative by holding dump day events in order to reduce illegal dumping in District 2 and keep roadways free of trash.

The Clean California initiative is part of the Governor’s $1.1 Billion initiative to expand state and local litter abatement efforts and provide thousands of job opportunities. It consists of four key action components: engagement and community investment‚ education‚ litter pick-up expansion‚ and infrastructure enhancements. As part of the litter pick-up expansion component‚ Caltrans is proposing the “Free Dump Day Events” where the public can dispose of their waste materials safely and properly for free.

Visit the program website to learn more about how Clean California is transforming communities.


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