Shasta County Jail Tour and More


During our time out of session‚ my staff and I make it a priority to connect with you in the district. Here are a few of the places we have traveled recently.

Shasta County Jail Tour
My team and I met with staff at the Shasta County Jail for a tour of the facility and discussion on current challenges they are facing. As you know‚ my colleagues and I have worked tirelessly to combat soft-on-crime policies in Sacramento. These policies have a cascading impact that significantly affects our law enforcement and the communities they serve‚ unfortunately extending to facilities like the Shasta County Jail. During our visit‚ we discussed the difficulties in recruiting individuals to the profession. We are thankful and support all those who work in corrections and law enforcement fields‚ and understand the challenges many face in these lines of duty.

I express my gratitude to the dedicated staff at Shasta County Jail for their valuable time and open discussion concerning their needs and challenges. While I routinely convene with county advisory groups‚ including County Sheriffs‚ there is immense value in these face-to-face interactions. I am committed to advocating for tough-on-crime policies in Sacramento to enhance our communities and provide the support our law enforcement so desperately needs. View additional photos from our jail tour here.

Nevada County
Recently‚ Team Dahle visited the Nevada County Food Bank to help with the annual 10‚000 meals event. Staff was joined by volunteers from Nevada County‚ including Supervisor Heidi Hall‚ Grass Valley Mayor Jan Arbuckle‚ City Councilman Bob Branstrom‚ and more. This event was a great way to partner with exceptional local organizations to give back to the community.

Additionally‚ staff attended Bright Futures for Youth’s new NEO Youth Center and Lights on After School grand opening. The event highlighted the importance of after-school events for youth between 6th-12th grade. The celebration included tours of the youth center‚ including a music room‚ craft room‚ video game lounge‚ pool table‚ ball pit‚ backyard games‚ live music‚ and ice cream. Hundreds of young people enjoyed the event as well as several adults. Bright Futures for Youth was selected for the 1st Assembly District’s 2022 Nonprofit of the Year Award for the incredible work they do with youth. Congratulations on the continued expansion of your programs in Nevada County. Learn more about Bright Futures for Youth here.

Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition
Recently‚ my staff attended the Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition 2023 Annual Meeting held at the Stanford Sierra Center on Fallen Leaf Lake. The event brought together individuals from diverse backgrounds‚ including federal and state agencies‚ tribal representatives‚ conservation districts‚ university researchers‚ and prescribed fire professionals‚ among others‚ all focused on discussing rural stewardship.

The gathering facilitated insightful conversations around critical topics such as putting “all lands” into practice‚ community-driven rural development‚ wildfire resilience‚ and sustainable recreation. It was an opportunity to engage with exceptional minds and hearts dedicated to these crucial discussions.

Our team had the chance to participate and network with various professionals in this field‚ contributing to the discourse on important matters in rural areas. We are grateful to the Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition team‚ including Laurel Harkness‚ Emery Cowan‚ and Cole Jenson for their efforts in organizing this event and providing a platform for these essential conversations to take place.

I look forward to spending more time with you all in the district while session is out. If you are in need of assistance‚ you can always reach my office here.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)
Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

Connecting everyone to important resources that can help will always be a top priority‚ and I want to make sure you’re aware of a federally funded program that helps working Californians who may need help paying their energy bill.

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program‚ or LIHEAP‚ can offer a one-time payment for your energy bill. It can also help in an emergency or energy crisis‚ such as a utility disconnection‚ and provide in-home services for improved energy efficiency‚ and health and safety.

If you‚ or someone you know may be in need of assistance‚ please feel free to share this information. To find out if your household is eligible‚ and for additional details‚ please click here.


Free Hunting Days
Free Hunting Days

California is offering the first ever Free Hunting Days on November 25‚ 2023 and April 13‚ 2024 thanks to a bill I authored in 2021. This is a great opportunity to introduce someone new to hunting without having to purchase a hunting license. Hunters can mentor a friend and show them the many benefits of hunting for conservation‚ wildlife management‚ and lifelong memories.

To participate in Free Hunting Days‚ your friend must meet the following requirements:
  • Proof of completion of a hunter education course.
  • Possession of a valid Free Hunting Days Registration.
  • Possession of any required tags or report cards‚ federal entitlements‚ and entry permits.
  • Must be accompanied by a hunter who: Holds a valid California hunting license‚ is at least 21 years of age‚ only accompanies one free hunting day participant in the field at a time.
For more information and to register for Free Hunting Days‚ click here.


Tips for Driving in Winter Weather from Caltrans

Before You Leave Home:
  • Check brakes‚ battery‚ wipers‚ defroster‚ heater‚ headlights‚ and exhaust system.
  • Ensure proper tire pressure and tread‚ consider new tires if needed.
  • Pack essentials: chains‚ ice scraper‚ shovel‚ flashlight‚ blankets‚ water‚ non-perishable food‚ and a cell phone charger.
  • Fill up on gas and carry a spare key.
  • Use the QuickMap app for real-time road updates and chain control notifications.
  • Check resources like One-Stop-Shop‚ Caltrans Hotline‚ your local Caltrans social media pages‚ or the Caltrans website for information‚ as well.
On the Road:
  • Follow Caltrans and CHP guidance‚ especially in chain control areas.
  • Be vigilant for debris in steep areas‚ particularly in burn scar zones.
  • Avoid non-highway alternative routes during closures and check local agencies for updates.
  • Reduce speed on wet roads; even small amounts of water affect tire grip.
  • Drive cautiously in poor visibility‚ leave extra stopping distance.
  • Maintain a safe distance around emergency personnel and snow removal equipment.
  • Ensure headlights are on while driving in the rain (required by law in California).
Remember‚ road conditions can shift quickly‚ so stay informed while driving to adapt to changes promptly.



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