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Today marks the deadline for introducing bills into the state legislature. My team and I have been diligently working on developing our own legislation and collaborating on significant bills with fellow legislators from both the Senate and the Assembly. I’m eager to share more details about these endeavors in the coming weeks. But before we delve into the future‚ I want to take a moment to reflect on some of the past legislative initiatives my office has championed.

Last year‚ we initiated a legislative video series aimed at spotlighting some of the bills I’ve authored that were ultimately signed into law‚ shedding light on their origins and impacts. One aspect I’m particularly proud of is that nearly all of the ideas for these bills originated directly from constituents like you in our district. You might recall the winter email I typically send out‚ inviting you to submit your suggestions. While we can’t pursue every idea we receive‚ we’ve received some truly exceptional suggestions.

The video featured above highlights one such idea that originated from a resident in the 1st Assembly District. It prompted us to introduce AB 925‚ a legislative solution aimed at addressing a pressing issue. In the video‚ Dr. Dugan and Kimberly Johnson of the Children’s Legacy Center discuss the problem that inspired AB 925 and the positive impact it has had on the individuals they serve. I encourage you to watch the video to learn more about legislation that is not only benefitting the 1st Assembly District but also making a difference across California. Click here to watch the video.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle

Shasta County Juvenile Facility Tour
Shasta County Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility Tour

Earlier this week‚ staff from the Senate and Assembly had the opportunity to tour the Shasta County Juvenile Rehabilitation Facility in Redding. This facility provides a safe and secure environment for detained youth‚ where dedicated professionals not only hold residents accountable but also strive to instill positive community values‚ foster personal responsibility‚ and nurture healthy relationships.

One program that stands out is the River’s Edge Academy (REA)‚ a collaborative effort between Shasta County Probation and the Shasta County Office of Education. Inspired by a successful model from the central coast‚ REA offers in-custody commitment treatment and camp programs. By providing local treatment options‚ REA serves as a valuable alternative to out-of-county placements‚ allowing youth to stay connected to their communities and support systems.

Within this facility‚ youth involved in the juvenile justice system receive personalized education programs. These programs are designed not only to help them catch up or maintain their grade levels but also to develop essential social-emotional skills, foster positive relationships‚ promote cooperation‚ teach basic life skills‚ and build resilience. We commend the staff for their dedication and hard work in making these programs successful‚ as they play a crucial role in positively impacting the lives of the youth under their care.


First 5 Shasta Advocacy Presentation
First 5 Shasta – PVCA Leadership Cohort

Our team recently partnered with Senate staff for a presentation at First 5 Shasta‚ focusing on advocacy and the legislative process. First 5 Shasta‚ dedicated to supporting young children‚ works closely with early childhood professionals in Shasta County through initiatives like the Practitioner’s Voice California (PVCA) Leadership Cohort.

The PVCA Leadership Cohort‚ spanning from May 2023 to May 2024‚ is engaging in a Leadership and Advocacy in Early Childhood training series. This program equips participants with the tools and knowledge necessary to effect change within local‚ state‚ and regional legislative spheres concerning early learning and care professions.

During our session‚ Team Dahle discussed the pivotal role of early childhood educators in shaping young minds and the challenges they face‚ as well as ongoing projects aimed at enhancing working conditions for early childhood educators. My team appreciated the exchange of ideas‚ and we look forward to the innovative legislative proposals that will emerge from this cohort.


Shasta Day Reporting Center Graduation
Congratulations Shasta Day Reporting Center Graduates!

Yesterday Team Dahle attended the Shasta County Day Reporting Center (DRC) Graduation‚ where 7 individuals successfully completed the program. Operated by GEO Reentry Services and Shasta County Probation Department since 2013‚ the DRC aims to support individuals at moderate to high risk for reoffending.

At the DRC‚ participants‚ all on probation‚ undergo rigorous drug testing‚ comply with probation terms‚ and receive comprehensive guidance. This includes classes on job interview skills and counseling sessions addressing underlying issues contributing to their past actions‚ facilitating successful reintegration into society.

Congratulations to the Shasta County DRC team for their dedication to changing lives and creating a safer community‚ and to the graduates for reaching this significant milestone. Learn more about the DRC here.


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