Ag Day at the Capitol


This week‚ Team Dahle attended Ag Day at the Capitol‚ an event that stands out as one of our office’s favorites every year.

Held during National Ag Week‚ this gathering shines a spotlight on the vital role of the agriculture industry and its immense contributions to our great state. With California’s agriculture being a multi-billion dollar industry‚ employing hundreds of thousands of Californians and housing tens of thousands of farms and ranches‚ this sector is the lifeblood of our state’s economy. Additionally‚ California is responsible for producing over a third of the nation’s vegetables and nearly three-quarters of its fruits and nuts.

Ag Day at the Capitol is not just a celebration; it is an educational experience for policymakers and staff in the California State Legislature‚ putting on display the journey our food takes from farm to fork. Without this understanding‚ legislation can inadvertently harm the very industry that has proudly earned our state the title of farm-to-fork capital. This event demands attention and action to ensure that those in power fully grasp the complexities of food production and distribution‚ and the need to support our agriculture sector with informed decisions.

As a family in agriculture‚ we take immense pride in being part of an industry that feeds our nation. Happy National Ag Week‚ North State!

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle

Poetry Out Loud 2024
Poetry Out Loud: 1st Assembly District State Finalists

At the recent Poetry Out Loud event‚ over a dozen students from the 1st Assembly District showcased their passion for poetry‚ making it one of the largest groups of any district. Poetry Out Loud‚ an initiative of the National Endowment for the Arts‚ administered statewide by the California Arts Council‚ encourages high school students to learn about poetry through memorization‚ performance‚ and competition. Participants gain proficiency in public speaking‚ build self-confidence‚ and learn about literary history and contemporary life. California’s Poetry Out Loud is the largest event of its kind in the U.S.‚ and has grown steadily since its inception.

Congratulations to the 2024 state finalists for their remarkable dedication and talent. Through this program‚ students not only hone their public speaking skills but also deepen their understanding of literary history and contemporary life. We applaud their commitment to self-expression and cultural enrichment. Well done to all participants! Learn more about California Poetry Out Loud here.


Imagine This...Story Writing Contest
Shayna Gomes: 8th Grade Champion of “Imagine This…Story Writing Contest”

At this year’s Ag Day at the Capitol‚ Team Dahle proudly celebrated Shayna Gomes from Siskiyou County as the Grand Champion of the 8th-grade category in the “Imagine This…Story Writing Contest.” Shayna‚ representing Scott Valley Options and guided by Teacher Amy Hurlimann‚ stood out for her excellent storytelling‚ winning the top prize statewide for her grade level. The competition‚ focused on California agriculture‚ asked participants to write engaging stories showcasing their understanding and appreciation of the industry.

Shayna’s storytelling not only earned her the top title but also a medal‚ an e-reader‚ and $100 worth of resources for her teacher. Additionally‚ high school students contributed by creating original artwork for the stories of each finalist‚ adding another creative dimension to the event.

The “Imagine This…Story Writing Contest” encourages students to explore California agriculture through storytelling. Shayna’s win reflects her talent and understanding of the agricultural landscape. Congratulations‚ Shayna‚ on this impressive achievement! Learn more about the contest here.


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