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Tax season is upon us‚ and the final due date to file is April 15th. I am reaching out to you today with some tips‚ resources‚ and credits that could help you get the most money back in your pocket.

The IRS has a free federal tax filing service‚ called Direct File‚ which is available to Californians. You can check out this service on their website HERE.

No matter what your income level is‚ you can also file an extension with the IRS‚ so you have more time to complete your taxes. The IRS has partnerships with several entities that allow you to submit this extension for free. You can check out those services HERE.

California also has several tax credits that you may be eligible for. A full list of them can be found HERE. The some of most common tax credits include:

  • Renters Credit– You may be eligible if:
    • You paid rent in CA for at least ½ the year
    • Your income was less than $50‚746 if single‚ $101‚492 if married
  • California Earned Income Tax Credit– You may be eligible if:
    • You’re at least 18 years old or have a qualifying child
    • Have earned income of not more than $30‚950
    • Live in CA more than half the filing year
  • The Young Child Tax Credit– You may be eligible if:
    • You had a child under the age of 6 at the end of the tax year
  • Foster Youth Tax Credit– You may be eligible if:
    • You were in California foster care when age 13 or older
  • Dependent Parent Credit– You may be eligible if:
    • You paid over half the household expenses for your parent

Tax season can be stressful‚ and my office is happy to connect you to resources that might make that easier for you.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle

California Conservation Corps

California Conservation Corps Meeting

This week‚ my team met with representatives from the California Conservation Corps (CCC)‚ a department within the California Natural Resources Agency. Established in 1976‚ the CCC is the oldest and largest conservation corps in the nation‚ modeled after the original Civilian Conservation Corps of the 1930s. Committed to environmental stewardship and disaster response‚ the CCC offers young adults aged 18 to 25 a year of paid service to the State of California‚ providing them with opportunities to work on vital projects while gaining valuable skills and experience. The CCC is dedicated to developing its Corpsmembers into citizens with character‚ credentials‚ and commitment.

With more than 3‚000 Corpsmembers enrolling annually‚ the CCC is a diverse and dynamic force‚ with members coming from all corners of California. Their work includes planting over 24.6 million trees‚ putting in over 1.6 million hours of work to improve fish habitats‚ and contributing to energy conservation efforts for over three decades. Additionally‚ they play a crucial role in emergency response‚ providing over 11.3 million hours of assistance during natural disasters since their inception. Moreover‚ the CCC prioritizes education‚ with thousands of Corpsmembers working towards completing their high school diplomas while serving. We thank the CCC members for visiting our district office to discuss the important work they are doing. Learn more about this organization here.

Local Students Represent Shasta on State Advisory Board

Shasta County students recently made a significant impact at the Student Advisory Board on Legislation in Education in Sacramento. Seven local students and two graduates presented innovative proposals to the Assembly Committees on Education.

These students addressed crucial issues such as school nutrition and student rights‚ led by Jackson Richards and Robin Comas. They actively engaged in lobbying‚ received feedback‚ and even spoke to the Senate Legislative Committee. I’m especially proud that Robin’s team is collaborating with Senator Cortese on a bill.

A special mention goes to Ethan Chen‚ Amira Hutcherson‚ Haley Whittington‚ Sean Kim‚ and Nox James Lyon‚ as well as former students Leah Perez and Ava Gebhart‚ who continue to make meaningful contributions.

As someone deeply committed to education equity‚ I am immensely proud of our students’ achievements.


Upstate California Tourism Summit

Last week‚ Team Dahle participated in the Upstate California Tourism Summit held in Redding. Local and state tourism organizations showcased their initiatives to promote the Shasta Cascade region‚ encompassing several counties within the 1st Assembly District.

Representatives from the tourism industry across the region convened to glean insights and strategies aimed at enhancing their visibility to prospective visitors. Witnessing the concerted efforts to showcase the remarkable beauty of the 1st Assembly District was truly gratifying for our team. We are encouraged by the collaborative endeavors aimed at showcasing the region’s allure on a global scale. Learn more about efforts to promote the Shasta Cascade region through Visit California here.


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