Denim Day at the Capitol


This week‚ both staff and members at the Capitol wore denim in recognition of Denim Day‚ observed on the last Wednesday of April during Sexual Assault Awareness Month. This annual event encourages individuals to wear denim as a symbol of support for survivors of sexual violence and to raise awareness about this important issue.

On a related note‚ I’m pleased to coauthor SB 268‚ a bipartisan initiative aimed at classifying rape of an intoxicated person as a violent felony. Building on the success of SB 14 from last year‚ which addressed human trafficking of minors‚ this bill underscores our commitment to safeguarding the most vulnerable members of our communities. If you’re interested in learning more about SB 268‚ click here‚ or show your support by submitting a letter here.

In addition to Denim Day‚ my office engaged in productive meetings with various organizations and constituents from the district to address community needs. Thank you to the staff from United Way of Northern California (UWNC) for stopping by to discuss services provided by UWNC‚ including free tax preparation through their VITA program.

Lastly‚ if you missed last week’s newsletter‚ applications for the Minerva Scholarship offered by the Women’s Caucus are now open. Catch up on the details in last week’s newsletter here.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle

Shasta County Courthouse
Shasta County Courthouse Grand Opening

Team Dahle recently attended the grand opening ceremony for the new Shasta County Courthouse‚ situated just across the street from its predecessor. This state-funded endeavor‚ initiated in 2016‚ introduces modernized features that promise enhanced service accessibility for Shasta County residents.

The ceremony offered an opportunity to acknowledge the diligence and commitment of numerous individuals who championed this project to fruition. Beyond mere functionality‚ the project participants went the extra mile‚ adorning the space with artwork depicting the people and landscapes of Shasta County. Despite limitations in state funding‚ the project team ingeniously organized a photo contest to acquire the artwork. Subsequently‚ a private donor generously stepped forward to finance the printing and display of the selected pieces. When you next visit the Shasta County Courthouse‚ take a moment to admire the dedication of our exceptional public servants who labored on this monumental undertaking.


Free Bike Rides for Redding Area Bus Authority (RABA) Riders
Free Bike Rides for Redding Area Bus Authority (RABA) Riders

Exciting news for RABA riders! You can now enjoy free bike rides with Redding Bikeshare when traveling to and from Downtown Redding. Simply ask your bus operator for a free 24-hour coupon. Download the BCycle app‚ register‚ and unlock a bike using the coupon code. Return the bike within 60 minutes to avoid charges.

This initiative aims to promote active lifestyles and is funded by the State Transit Assistance grant. Click here for more information‚ including station locations‚ and stay tuned for more bikes and docking stations this spring!
Teacher with students
Siskiyou County 2024 Teacher of the Year

Last week Team Dahle attended Siskiyou County’s 2024 Teacher of the Year ceremony‚ hosted by Gamma Nu Chapter of DKG California‚ a Society of Women Educators in partnership with First 5 Siskiyou. It was a pleasure to honor those who have gone above and beyond in education this school year. My staff member‚ Alice Bennett‚ was present to recognize the recipients with awards and say a few words at the event.

Teachers hold a pivotal role in molding the next generation‚ facing unique challenges‚ particularly in rural areas like the 1st Assembly District. Their dedication is the cornerstone of our communities’ prosperity‚ and I am deeply thankful for their unwavering dedication to education.

As a passionate advocate for rural education‚ I am committed to standing by our educators and ensuring they have the resources and support they need to thrive. Your contributions are invaluable‚ and I will continue to champion your cause in Sacramento‚ advocating for policies that prioritize the needs of rural educators and students alike.

Congratulations to all of the 2024 Siskiyou County Teacher of the Year recipients.


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