Legislation Year - 2021-2022

AB 429 makes a simple modernization to an archaic law that requires case files to be sealed only in paternity cases that involve unmarried parents. This bill will correct the inequality in the law by requiring cases involving unmarried or single parents to be treated the same as those involving married parents.
AB 516 will allow K-12 students to be excused from school when their absences are for participation in a cultural ceremony or event.   
This bill requires the Director of the Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) to declare two free hunting days; one in the fall and one in the spring.
This bill will authorize state accredited, certified, or licensed laboratories to be established or designated for inspection of agriculture commodities instead of only state accredited or certified chemistry laboratories. 
This bill will increase the availability and affordability of Acute Adult/Adolescent Sexual Assault Medical Forensic/Evidentiary Examinations for victims of sexual assault by increasing the reimbursement rate providers of these exams receive.
AB 980 requires the Employment Development Department (EDD) to make information about claims that have been approved available on its website for employers to review.
AB 1022 will ensure California’s smallest, rural school districts receive proper recognition by defining frontier school districts in the California Education Code. Frontier school districts will be defined in accordance with federal law. 
This bill creates a standardized training and framework for an agricultural pass program (Ag Pass), allowing farmers and ranchers to access their property in an emergency to save their livestock and lands.
This measure memorializes a portion of the South Yuba River Bridge in Nevada County in honor of soldiers who fought in Vietnam and never returned home. 
This measure designates a portion of State Route 36 near Susanville, in the County of Lassen as the High Desert State Prison Correctional Officer Richard Bianchi, Jr., Memorial Highway, to honor his memory and service to the state of California.