This Week: Update from the Capitol, Wildfire Season and More

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It’s been a busy week in Sacramento‚ wrapping up committees and floor sessions prior to July’s summer recess.


  • SB 1183‚ Statewide Imagination Library Program – This week in the Assembly Education Committee I had the opportunity to cast a vote of support for SB 1183. The bill seeks to increase literacy among California’s youngest children and a love for books and reading. It would establish the Imagination Library of California under the leadership of the State Librarian in partnership with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library Project. Following the committee‚ I met with Executive Director of The Dollywood Foundation and Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library‚ Nora Briggs. (As the Vice Chair of the Assembly Education Committee‚ I am especially passionate about California’s students. If you’d like to receive additional education updates and resources from me‚ as well as opportunities to get involved‚ let me know here.)
  • AB 2514‚ Underserved Rural Communities & Transportation Needs – I am proud to announce AB 2514‚ a bill I authored to address funding gaps in transportation for rural schools‚ passed out of the Senate Transportation Committee earlier this week. Rural roads and highways are often overlooked when it comes to adequate road and highway funding. In a district as large as ours‚ rural roads are heavily impacted by chronic wildfires‚ and the emergency vehicles used to fight fires‚ which is where the idea for AB 2514 originated.
  • Gas Tax Increases Today – As you may know‚ despite repeated efforts by my colleagues and I to fully suspend the $0.51 / gallon gas tax and backfill it with California’s $90+ billion budget surplus‚ today the gas tax jumps to $0.54 / gallon. For months Republicans have pushed for a $0.51 / gallon gas tax suspension. Instead Governor Newsom’s inflation relief package opts to lower sales tax on diesel only by approximately $0.23 / gallon while keeping intact a $500 million gas tax increase today. As your representative I am doing everything in my power to fight for common sense leadership in Sacramento. If you have questions or concerns you would like to share‚ you can reach my office here.
  • SB 57‚ Legal Injection Sites – This bill would enable Oakland‚ San Francisco‚ and Los Angeles to start legal drug injection site pilot programs‚ enabling the very thing that afflicts many Californians. I and many of my colleagues – Republicans and Democrats alike – voted “no” on this terrible bill but it ultimately passed on the Assembly Floor and now makes its way to the Governor’s desk.


Assemblywoman Megan Dahle


Photo: Cal Fire NEU
Wildfire Season & Rice’s Fire

This week residents of Nevada County have been experiencing the start of wildfire season in California. My team and I have been monitoring the incident‚ sharing important information on social media from Cal Fire and local authorities‚ and staying connected with the boots on the ground in the area to make ourselves available to help if and when we are needed. Our thoughts and prayers are with those impacted by the Rice’s Fire. We look forward to the 100% containment announcement from the team at Cal Fire.

North State‚ this is a good time to ensure you are prepared in the event of a wildfire. Cal Fire has created a website with resources for preparing yourself‚ your family‚ and your home. You can view those resources here.

For information on emergency situations such as evacuations‚ please follow and subscribe to your local law enforcement agencies’ communication platforms.

Airshow4th of July and Firework Bans

Happy Independence Day, North State! Whether you’re traveling or staying home this year‚ I hope you have a wonderful holiday celebrating this country we love and live in.

With drier than normal temperatures this year‚ many communities are opting to ban individual fireworks for residents in order to prevent potential wildfires. Check with your local elected officials to find out what is allowed in your area this year.

Tahoe ResidentsEnvision Tahoe

Earlier this week‚ my staff participated in an Envision Tahoe meeting. This initiative examines the heavy reliance on tourism in the Tahoe Basin‚ and seeks to address the lack of diversity in revenue streams for the area. While Tahoe will always be a desired tourist destination‚ wildfires and COVID-19 caused a decrease in travel to the area. This initiative will help provide more opportunities for residents to sustain their livelihood in the event of any future dips in the tourism industry. Learn more about this initiative here.

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