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It’s our second week back in session‚ with two more to go. My staff and I spent hours preparing for the bills we heard in Appropriations Committee this week. Suspense file included 323 bills brought up‚ 244 bills passed‚ and 79 bills failed.

I‚ along with my Republican colleagues‚ fought hard for a fiscally conservative outcome. However‚ the majority party passed many financially frivolous and misguided bills like SB 866 which permits minors 15 years of age and older to receive any vaccines without the consent of a parent‚ and SB-1479 which aims to require COVID-19 testing sites within California’s schools.

With session concluding on August 31st‚ I will continue to fight for fiscally responsible legislation that serves you and your families well. As we head into the final weeks‚ stay tuned for updates on important legislative decisions affecting the 1st Assembly District.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle


Image of Senator Dahle and Assemblywoman Dahle holding signs of Local FairsSiskiyou & Nevada County Fairs

Siskiyou County is on my mind this week as they continue to fight the McKinney Fire and others in the area‚ forgoing the annual fair and using the fairgrounds for wildfire response.

This weekend‚ however‚ the Junior Livestock Auction will take place at the Jackson County Expo with online capabilities. A Siskiyou based online viewing and live bidding by phone will be held at Five Mary’s Burgerhouse in Fort Jones. More on this here.

Additionally‚ the Nevada County Fair is taking place through Sunday of this week. For a full list of upcoming fairs in the 1st Assembly District‚ visit my website here. Be sure to get out there and support your local fairs!

Image of the a flash flood killing thousands of fishes
Image courtesy of the Karuk Tribe via Siskiyou Daily News article
Flash Flood During McKinney Fire Kills Thousands of Fish

Thousands of dead fish washed up in the Klamath River near Happy Camp earlier this week. Biologists believe this fish kill resulted from heavy thunderstorms‚ pushing debris and heavy mud flows into the river off of the new McKinney burn scar. The McKinney Fire reached such a high temperature‚ it burned the topsoil of the land it affected and killed four Klamath River residents along with countless wildlife and fish. We grieve the loss of these lives along with their communities. My staff and I have been in contact with Karuk Tribal Chairman Russell “Buster” Attebery’s team, Siskiyou County officials‚ and our federal counterparts regarding this devastating event.

This is another devastating consequence of California’s mismanaged forests. We must work together to develop statewide‚ strategic plans to mitigate the catastrophic wildfires that have plagued our state for the last decade.

Assemblywomen Dahle at Mud Creek in McCloudMud Creek in McCloud

During our trip to Siskiyou County last week‚ my staff and I toured Mud Creek in McCloud to observe the work being done to protect the town’s water supply pipeline. McCloud Community Services General Manager‚ Amos McAbier‚ met with us to provide an update on the work they have been doing to protect the water system.

After my team and I toured this last November‚ our office reached out to the Water Resource Board to discuss options for this community service district‚ as they did not meet the definition of a drought related grant. After the MCSD received the drought designation‚ they were able to secure a $4.5 million grant from the state to do mitigation work which will allow the pipe to be put into casement and flow safely over the pipeline.

The work on this project will begin soon. We are grateful for the work Amos and his team have done for their community. Learn more about the flooding at Mud Creek here.

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