This Week: End of Session‚ Sierra County‚ and More

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We have officially wrapped up the legislative session for 2022. On the final day‚ we debated and voted on bills until well past midnight. While I cannot cover all that happened in one newsletter‚ I will be sharing more in the coming weeks. For today‚ here are some of the highlights:


  • SB 185‚ Graduation Requirements – A major victory this legislative session came when SB 185‚ was updated to include critical language to ensure students currently enrolled in and having already completed career technical education courses in lieu of visual performing arts and foreign languages receive credit toward meeting california high school grad requirements. Many school superintendents reached out to my office about this issue impacting the ability for students to graduate. I am pleased to share that this issue has been resolved in students’ favor.
  • AB 160 Trap & Skeet Shooting – Earlier this year‚ a 2571 targeted school trap & skeet shooting clubs. Over the summer‚ there were reports of some clubs closing down at mere mention of the bill in fear of the $25‚000 fine this bill implemented. This week‚ language was passed in AB 160 that exempts school trap & skeet teams from the previous firearms restrictions bill. I am pleased to report our local trap & skeet teams can continue to operate without the threat of violating the law.
  • SB 866‚ Teen Vaccine Bill – The author of SB-866 pulled his teen vaccine bill on the last day of session. SB-866 violated the constitutional right of parents to make medical decisions for their children. Under our constitution‚ parents have the right to direct the upbringing and education of children. This is a huge win for all who advocated for parent’s choice‚ but this is not over. While this bill did not move forward‚ our efforts must continue. Let’s be ready to continue the fight for our families in 2023. (Pierce v. Soc’y of Sisters (1925) 268 U.S. 510‚ 534-535.)
  • SB 918‚ Concealed Carry Bill – We successfully blocked this bill that would have created drastically restrictive laws for concealed carry permit holders. This bill was sponsored by Attorney General Rob Bonta who‚ on the last night of session‚ was actively advocating for the bill’s passage. This comes after Bonta’s department was responsible for leaking information about every Californian with a concealed carry permit. Information including‚ but not limited to name and home addresses of permit holders.
  • AB 2011‚ Housing – This is a much needed bill that will increase available affordable housing stock. The most important affordable housing bill from this legislative session was officially passed earlier this week. I was proud to cast a vote of support for AB 2011‚ which will specifically create more affordable housing on commercial real estate property and create good paying buildings & trades jobs. This is a great example of the success that can happen when both parties work together for the good of Californians.
  • Budget Trailer Bills – Governor Newsom and Legislative Democrats drafted thirteen hastily drafted budget and trailer bills in the last week of this year’s legislative session. The lack of transparency in the drafting of these bills proved even too much for many Democrats‚ who publicly complained about these backroom negotiations. In this agreement created behind closed doors‚ Democrats wrote thirteen budget and “trailer bills” that finalize a $234 billion spending plan for this year. Digging into the details of these bills shows that they cater to the favored special interests groups. The nonpartisan Legislative Analyst’s Office predicted that all of the newly-funded pet projects will be cut with the expected recession. Stay tuned for how this plays out.


I hope you find these end of session highlights informative and helpful. In the coming weeks‚ I will continue to update you on important legislative decisions affecting the 1st Assembly District.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle


Riding in car with passenger window openedLabor Day Heat Wave

California is set to have a late summer heat wave that is expected to peak this Labor Day weekend. It’s important to stay cool and follow summer safety tips.
  • Never leave children or pets in a hot car – if you see a child left alone in a hot car‚ call 911 immediately
  • Use air conditioning if accessible
  • Partake in outdoor activities safely
  • Drink plenty of water and avoid dehydration
  • Be cautious in dry or heavily wooded areas to avoid starting a wildfire
  • Don’t use a mower with metal blades on brown grass
  • Don’t use power equipment on windy days
  • Don’t drag chains or wires behind your car

With high temperatures expected this upcoming week‚ please make sure to take precautions and stay out of the heat whenever possible. Visit this website to find your local cooling center.

Sierra City welcome signLast Week in the District: Sierra County

Last Thursday and Friday‚ my staff traveled to Sierra County. On Thursday‚ my team met with Sierra County Board Supervisor Lee Adams in Downieville‚ Superintendent of Schools James Berardi and Pliocene Ridge Community Services District Chief Chris Dorn. Discussions ranged from current policies the board of Sierra County are facing‚ as well as discussions of students’ educational needs‚ and the ever present reality of fire. Staff stopped in Sierra City and engaged with business owners‚ CHP Downieville Resident Post Officer Zack Kostik‚ and constituents along their travels to the eastern side of the county.

On Friday‚ my team met with Sierra County Board Chair Paul Roen and Supervisor Sharon Dryden at the Smithneck Creek Wildlife Area to showcase the fire break created in partnership with Sierra Valley Resource Conservation District Chair Rick Roberti‚ US Forestry Service Sierraville‚ District Ranger Rachel Hutchinson‚ and Sierra County elected officials and residents. The day continued with a tour of the Sierra Valley Enterprises mill with owner Jeff Holland.

Staff met with members of the City of Loyalton and learned about the realities facing the frontier community. The Councilmembers shared the community’s pride and strength in adversity. Following discussions‚ staff enjoyed lunch at the Loyalton Senior Center‚ where they learned about the abundant program‚ growing needs‚ and dedication of the organization to the seniors in the community. The day ended with a lively roundtable discussion of elected officials‚ fire officials‚ special district representatives‚ and staff sharing about challenges and opportunities the areas face.

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