This Week: Shasta County Office of Education Early Childhood Services and More

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This week my staff attended the Grand Opening of Shasta County Office of Education (SCOE) Early Childhood Education’s new central access point for families seeking services for their children under 5 years old at their location on Hilltop Drive. Pictured above is Executive Director‚ Renee Menefee‚ with the sweetest little helpers who cut the ribbon at the ceremony!

The newly expanded Early Childhood Education and Observation Center allows SCOE to better serve children, families‚ educators‚ and our community through providing support‚ resources and professional development opportunities for early childhood education programs in our area‚ and more. This new facility is incredible and I look forward to Shasta County families being impacted on a greater level through the work Renee and her team are doing here.

Thank you to Renee and the leaders at SCOE for the amazing work you are doing‚ and congratulations on the new facility!

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle


Inflation reliefInflation Relief Checks

After months of waiting‚ California’s inflation relief checks are on their way. These payments started on Friday‚ October 7 and will continue through January 15. Payments will be sent either by direct deposit or debit card.

Here is a table of income requirements to see if you qualify for a check:
  • Individuals making under $75‚000 or joint filers earning $150‚000 to get $350 –

    Households with a dependent will get an extra $350
  • Individuals making under $125‚000 or joint filers earning $250‚000 to get $250 –

    Households with a dependent will get extra $250.
  • Individuals making under $250‚000 or joint filers earning $500‚000 to get $200 –

    Households with a dependent will get extra $200.
  • Individuals making more than $250‚000 or joint filers earning $500‚000 will receive NO REFUND.

Besides the income requirement‚ there is also a residency requirement‚ tax deadline requirement and tax filing requirement. More information can be found here.

Payments range from $200 to $1‚050 depending on your income‚ filing status and number of dependents. If you’ve changed your bank or address‚ you can find some answers here.
Helpful FTB Resources:
Determine Eligibility
Estimate Payment Amount
What You May Receive

Nevada County Sheriff's Office Swearing In & Promotional CeremonyNevada County Sheriff’s Office Swearing In & Promotional Ceremony

My staff attended the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office Swearing In and Promotional Ceremony last Friday. Sheriff Shannan Moon led the event. The ceremony included presentations of commendations‚ life saving medals‚ as well as the hiring and swearing in of administrative and law enforcement personnel.

I am grateful for every opportunity to recognize our local law enforcement for their service and sacrifice. Congratulations to the award recipients and the newly sworn in staff.

Image of a firetruckUpdate from Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara’s Office

Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara submitted his insurance pricing regulation to the California Office of Administrative Law that would recognize and reward wildfire safety and mitigation efforts made by homeowners and businesses. The regulation is the first in the nation requiring insurance companies to provide discounts to consumers under the Safer from Wildfires framework created by the California Department of Insurance in partnership with state emergency preparedness agencies.

“My Department is laser-focused on doing everything we can to protect consumers and hold insurance companies accountable‚” said Commissioner Lara. “My groundbreaking regulation will help more Californians find insurance they can afford. It aligns insurance discounts with fire safety actions being expedited by our state emergency leaders and local governments. And‚ most importantly‚ it will save lives by helping California become safer from wildfires.”

This regulation is part of a comprehensive solution that Commissioner Lara initiated after taking office to protect consumers from climate change-intensified wildfires. Learn more here.


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