This Week: Update from the Capitol‚ Tax Season Resources‚ and More


Friday was the last day for bills to be introduced and‚ as of February 10th‚ nearly 1‚090 bills have been introduced between the Assembly and Senate. While my district office staff has been assisting dozens of constituents like you with navigating state agencies and accessing unemployment payments‚ my staff in Sacramento and I have been researching bills‚ meeting with various groups regarding legislative issues‚ and preparing for committees to convene.

Recently‚ I met with the Northern California Power Agency (NCPA) to discuss issues related to the provision of safe‚ reliable and cost effective electricity. Constituents and representatives from Truckee-Donner‚ Plumas-Sierra‚ and Redding were present. (Top left.) My staff and I also met with the California Fish and Game Wardens Association to discuss Fish and Game Warden recruitment‚ retention and responsibilities. (Bottom middle.) Last week I met with David Schnell and Paul Neyman of GENASYS to discuss legislative priorities. (Top right.) While the company is based in San Diego‚ a subsidiary of GENASYS‚ Zonehaven‚ has been used by Siskiyou County to communicate to residents during disasters this past year. Thank you to the individuals who took time to meet with me regarding important legislative issues.

This year I am Vice Chair of the Appropriations and Education committees. Prior to committees convening‚ my team and I met with the committee Chairs and staff‚ and even held a mock hearing to ensure thorough and efficient execution during a busy season of hearing bills. I know many of you will want to reach out about supporting or opposing legislation in the coming months. My team has created a fast and easy way for you to share your thoughts with us via the “Contact Me“ form on my website‚ which you can find here.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle


Beautiful mountain and forest reflected in a calm lake.Explore State Parks for Free

As the weather warms up‚ there are more opportunities to explore the great outdoors. Here are three new ways to get outside and save money:

-Fourth graders can obtain a free California State Park Adventure Pass to explore 19 select state parks for free for a full school year.

-All Californians can check out a California State Parks Library Pass by using their library cards to access more than 200 participating state park units.

-Families receiving California Work Opportunity and Responsibility for Kids (CalWORKs)‚ individuals receiving Supplemental Security Income (SSI)‚ and income-eligible Californians 62 and over can apply for the Golden Bear Pass with their smartphone or other web-based device in just minutes and have access to more than 200 California state park units.

Refund stamped in red ink upon a paper tax file.State Tax Rebate Deemed NOT Taxable

It’s official- if you received the Middle Class Tax Refund from the State of California‚ you do NOT have to report it as income on your 2022 taxes.

We received questions from constituents about this topic‚ and I am pleased to report this issue has been resolved. If you have any further issues or questions‚ please reach out to my office.

Yellow note that reads 'TAX TIME!' stuck to a clock.Tax Season Resources You May Not Know About

Have you heard of the California Earned Income Tax Credit? CalEITC began in 2015 and is an annual tax credit for working people making between $1-$30‚000. More than 4 million individuals and families may be eligible for the credit in tax filing year 2022.

As of tax year 2021‚ both individuals filing with a Social Security Number OR an Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) are eligible to receive the credit.

To be eligible for CalEITC‚ one must:
  • File a California state tax return
  • Be at least 18 years old or have a qualifying child
  • Have 2022 taxable earned income between $1-$30‚000
  • File with a valid SSN or ITIN for you‚ your spouse‚ and any qualifying children
  • Have lived in CA at least half the filing year
  • Meet certain requirements if filing Married and Filing Separately
  • Not be a dependent of another taxpayer unless you have a qualifying child.
The CalEITC can be claimed for up to four years‚ so it’s not too late for previously-unknowing families to go back to access their eligible credits by filing previous state tax returns. Learn more about CalEITC‚ the Young Child Tax Credit‚ get free tax help and more here.


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