This Week: SB 14 Moves Forward, Pink Day at the Capitol and More


I hope this email finds you well. As the last week of session before summer recess comes to a close‚ I wanted to provide you with some important updates from the Capitol. The legislature will reconvene in August to continue our legislative work‚ voting on bills‚ and making progress on important issues. I look forward to sharing more positive news about the bills I have authored when we reconvene. But for now‚ let’s dive into the updates from this week.

SB 14: Protecting the Vulnerable

Earlier this week‚ the Assembly Public Safety Committee made a shocking decision that undermines the safety and well-being of our communities and children. They voted against making the heinous act of sex trafficking a minor a serious felony. As a proud co-author of SB 14 alongside Senator Grove‚ I was deeply disappointed in the committee’s decision. Our bill aimed to combat human trafficking by proposing to elevate the offense to the level it truly deserves. However‚ Capitol Democrats on the committee chose to align themselves with criminals‚ turning their backs on innocent victims. Thankfully‚ due to serious bipartisan backlash‚ the committee reconvened and voted in favor of SB 14. I am grateful that this is one of the Governor’s priorities‚ and I look forward to this being on his desk for him to sign. I credit the Governor and Assembly Speaker for pushing back on the poor decision made by a small few in the Assembly Public Safety Committee. I anticipate their continued support as we move this crucial legislation forward.

Pink Day at the Capitol: Supporting Breast Cancer Awareness

Pink Day at the Capitol is an opportunity to show support and raise awareness about breast cancer. Earlier this week‚ legislators and staff came together to honor Assemblymember Lori Wilson and everyone affected by this disease. Breast cancer makes up for 30% (1 in 3) of all new female cancers each year in the United States. Every year in the United States‚ about 264‚000 women and 2‚400 men are diagnosed with breast cancer. Early detection is key to breast cancer survival rates. Annual screenings are highly recommended to routinely check for abnormalities.

Recognizing Pearl Harbor Survivor‚ Lieutenant Commander Lou Conter

We had the privilege of honoring Lieutenant Commander Lou Conter‚ the last living survivor of the USS Arizona‚ during our celebration of Armed Forces Day. Lieutenant Commander Conter’s incredible sacrifice during the 1941 attack on Pearl Harbor is incredibly sobering. On July 10th‚ Senator Dahle recognized him on the Senate Floor‚ here in Sacramento. As Lieutenant Commander Conter approaches his 102nd birthday this summer‚ I’d like to express my gratitude for his service and reflect on the sacrifices of all our military men and women.

AB 1342: Ensuring Access to Education

I am proud to announce that AB 1342‚ also known as the “California College Promise Fix‚” has been signed into law by the Governor. This crucial bill addresses a loophole in the California Promise Program‚ ensuring that high school students who participate in dual enrollment programs will remain eligible for California’s free community college programs. Previously‚ these students faced barriers to accessing the program‚ causing financial burdens for them and their families. With the passage of AB 1342‚ these students will be designated as “first-time students” and will have equal opportunities for higher education. This bill is a significant step towards promoting equal access to educational opportunities for all students across California.

Enjoy your summer and stay tuned for more resources and updates from my office next week.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle


Ribbon Cutting Event EmergentEmergent Unveils California’s First On-Site 3D Concrete Printed Home

Emergent‚ a pioneering force in the housing industry‚ celebrated a momentous occasion with the ribbon-cutting ceremony of California’s first COMPLETE on-site 3D Concrete Printed (3DCP) home in Redding. This remarkable 3 bedroom 2 bathroom Emergent Home will house the caretaker for the John F Reginato River Access Boat Ramp in South Redding. This project is a collaboration between Emergent 3D‚ the City of Redding‚ AccessHome‚ and Don Ajamian Construction‚ marking a groundbreaking milestone in the construction industry. The event was attended by key partners‚ public figures‚ and strategic collaborators who contributed to making this achievement a reality.

The completion of the 3D Concrete Printed home is a significant achievement for Emergent and the construction industry as a whole. By using the innovation of 3DCP technology‚ Emergent aims to offer rapid build times‚ reduce housing shortages‚ and create additional employment opportunities. These homes offer disaster-resilient design‚ prioritize energy efficiency and provide a quiet and comfortable living space for homeowners.

Visit Emergent’s website to learn more about the future of 3D Concrete Printed homes.

Military imageDCA Military Spouses: Expedited License

We want to ensure our military families have access to vital resources and support. Here are two key programs available to you.
  1. Expedited Licensure for Honorably Discharged Members: The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) expedites the licensure process for applicants who served as active duty members of the US Armed Forces and were honorably discharged. Submit evidence of service and for faster review.
  2. Expedited Licensure and Fee Waiver for Spouses or Domestic Partners: DCA licensing boards and bureaus expedite licensure for spouses or domestic partners of active-duty military personnel. Beginning July 1‚ 2022‚ they also waive the initial application and license fee. Provide proof of marriage/domestic partnership and a current license/registration from another US state/territory.
For more information click here. We are here to support you and your loved ones. Thank you for your service.

Mt. ShastaSummer in the District

It’s officially summer recess in the legislature! My staff and I are thrilled to spend this time in the communities we proudly serve.

We want to hear from you. This summer‚ we’re eager to discover the hidden gems of our district that make it so special. We want to attend the events that are close to your hearts and explore the activities that truly reflect the spirit of our communities.

What events should we attend? Are there local celebrations‚ festivals‚ or gatherings that are long time traditions of your region? Let us know! Please take a moment to write back to this email with your suggestions. We look forward to hearing from you‚ and seeing you out in the 1st Assembly District.


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