This Week: Shasta Day Reporting Center Graduation‚ Tax Exemptions for Military Pensions Moves Forward and More


This week‚ Team Dahle attended the Shasta County Day Reporting Center (DRC) Graduation‚ where 12 individuals graduated from the program. Operated by GEO Reentry Services in collaboration with the Shasta County Probation Department‚ the center opened its doors in 2013 with a mission to support individuals at moderate to high risk for reoffending.

Over the past ten years‚ the Shasta County Day Reporting Center has made a significant impact‚ serving over 1‚200 participants. What’s even more remarkable is that sixty-two percent of those who completed the program have not committed a new felony conviction‚ highlighting the effectiveness of their approach.

At the DRC‚ participants – all on probation – undergo rigorous drug testing and must adhere to the terms of their probation. They also receive comprehensive guidance‚ attending classes on proper job interview behavior and counseling sessions to address the root causes of their past actions. This holistic approach plays a crucial role in helping individuals reintegrate into society successfully.

The center’s inception was in response to AB 109‚ a landmark legislation that re-aligned California’s prison population‚ channeling thousands of felons to probationary programs at the city and county levels. The Shasta County Day Reporting Center has been a beacon of hope‚ providing an opportunity for transformation and second chances.

Congratulations to the entire team at the Shasta County Day Reporting Center for their unwavering dedication to changing lives and creating a safer community‚ and congratulations to all the graduates on achieving this milestone. Learn more about the DRC here.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle


State CapitolAB 46 Moves Forward

Earlier this month‚ AB 46‚ a crucial bill seeking to provide tax exemptions for military pensions in California‚ passed the Senate Military and Veterans Affairs Committee in a unanimous vote of 5-0.

Despite previous challenges‚ our unwavering commitment to this important cause has brought us one step closer to ensuring that our veterans receive the recognition and assistance they truly deserve. As you may know‚ several other states have already implemented income tax breaks for veterans‚ and it’s time for California to join them.

Our veterans and their families have dedicated their lives to serving our nation‚ and now it’s our turn to show our gratitude. AB 46 represents a meaningful step towards honoring their sacrifice and giving back to those who have given so much to us. Follow AB 46 through the legislature here.

Hilltop Springs Senior livingHilltop Springs Senior Living Professional Preview Event

Yesterday‚ the Senate and Assembly staff from Team Dahle attended the Professional Preview event at Hilltop Springs‚ Redding’s newest senior living community. This state-of-the-art facility offers independent living‚ assisted living‚ and memory care services‚ all within a warm and welcoming home-like environment. During the event‚ our staff had the opportunity to explore the facility and discover the wide range of amenities available to its residents‚ including a bowling alley‚ theater room‚ salon‚ and community garden‚ among others. The team at Hilltop Springs Senior Living is dedicated to providing exceptional service and fostering a strong sense of community among its residents.

In the face of California’s ongoing housing crisis‚ the importance of new developments cannot be overstated. Witnessing projects like Hilltop Springs being successfully completed in the 1st Assembly District gives me great encouragement. These efforts are instrumental in alleviating the burden of the housing crisis. However‚ there is still much work to be done‚ and I remain committed to advocating for legislative housing solutions in Sacramento. Learn more about Hilltop Springs Senior Living here.

Genasys Protect ActiveGenasys Protect Now Active in Shasta County and 7 of the 11 Counties in AD 01

Genasys Protect (formerly known as Zonehaven Aware) is now online and fully operational in Shasta County. This is a major step forward in enhancing our community’s preparedness for emergencies‚ especially wildfires that can impact rural Northern California.

Now that Genasys Protect is active‚ you can enter your address into the interactive map search bar at to determine which zone your residence falls under. It’s also a good idea to make note of zones for places you frequent often‚ such as your workplace‚ schools‚ and the homes of loved ones. During an emergency‚ the website will provide updates on evacuation orders or warnings‚ road closures‚ shelter locations‚ collection points for evacuated animals‚ and more.

In case of wildfires or other emergency situations‚ law enforcement and other public safety agencies can quickly select affected zones to provide critical information and ensure your safety. To receive these essential alerts‚ please ensure you are signed up for CodeRed notifications by visiting:

In the 1st Assembly District‚ 7 of our 11 counties are using Genasys Protect‚ with an 8th becoming operational shortly. Learn more about this invaluable resource by clicking here.

Lassen – Genasys Protect and GEM Alert & Warning
Modoc – Genasys Protect and GEM Alert & Warning
Nevada – Genasys Protect
Plumas – Genasys Protect and GEM Alert & Warning
Shasta – Genasys Protect
Sierra – Genasys Protect
Siskiyou – Genasys Protect

Click here to watch the video from Shasta County on Genasys Protect.


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