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This week‚ my staff attended an online event focused on addressing one of the most pressing issues in our rural North State: broadband connectivity. The event‚ brought to you by the North State Planning & Development Collective‚ Chico State Enterprises‚ and the Northeastern & Upstate California Connect Broadband Consortia‚ aimed to shed light on efforts to bridge the digital divide in our region.

Sponsored in part by Comcast and Graybar‚ this event brought together a diverse audience‚ including community leaders‚ government officials‚ business owners‚ residents‚ and anyone invested in the welfare of the North State.
The event highlighted the critical role of broadband internet in shaping our lives‚ enabling access to education‚ healthcare‚ business opportunities‚ and essential services. However‚ the lack of reliable internet infrastructure and necessary equipment has left many in our area at a disadvantage.

Speakers from various organizations provided valuable insights during the event. The California Department of Technology presented an update on the Broadband for All & Middle Mile initiative‚ showcasing their efforts to improve connectivity across the state.

Sunne Wright-McPeak‚ President and CEO of the California Emerging Technology Fund (CETF)‚ shared a comprehensive Legislation and Policy Update‚ highlighting the measures being taken to promote equitable access to digital resources.
Another important aspect discussed was the Digital Equity and BEAD Initiative Update‚ illustrating the commitment to ensuring that every individual has equal opportunities in the digital age.

Furthermore‚ the California Public Utilities Commission provided an update on North State Rural Projects and Consortia Funding Timeline‚ emphasizing their dedication to supporting initiatives that address broadband connectivity in rural regions.

Barbara Hayes‚ Chief Economic Development Officer of Rural Counties Representatives of California‚ presented the Golden State Connect Overview and Project Area Update‚ showcasing the progress and future plans for improving broadband access in our region.

Lastly‚ the event provided an overview of the Affordable Connectivity Program‚ demonstrating the efforts to make internet services affordable for all residents.

The event effectively highlighted the strides being made to address the broadband challenge in our region. As we continue to push for digital inclusion‚ we must work together to ensure that no one is left behind in this rapidly advancing digital era. By understanding the needs of the rural North State‚ events like this serve as crucial platforms to foster collaboration‚ share knowledge‚ and drive meaningful change.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle


Aria at District Attorney's officeTour of the District Attorney’s Office

With the new school year starting up soon‚ our summer intern‚ Aria‚ completed her final full day at our Redding office. As she prepares to embark on her journey to law school‚ we wanted to give her a meaningful send-off. With the support of the Shasta County District Attorney’s office‚ we arranged a special tour of their office‚ offering Aria and our team an inside look at their facility and a glimpse into a day at court.

We extend our sincere gratitude to the Shasta County District Attorney’s office for investing time in our community’s young talent. Aria’s hard work and dedication throughout the summer have been truly appreciated‚ and we have no doubt she will excel in her future endeavors. If you or someone you know is interested in our intern program‚ reach out to my office here.

California Assisted Living Association Meeting California Assisted Living Association Meeting

Staff from our district recently met with members of the California Assisted Living Association‚ as well as representatives from Brunswick Village in Grass Valley and Oakmont Senior Living in Redding. The meeting aimed to discuss critical issues concerning the needs of our district and to work towards advocating for the vulnerable members of our communities.

During the meeting‚ the representatives from these assisted living facilities shared positive news about their improved staffing levels compared to the challenging years following the pandemic. This improvement has enabled them to serve their communities more effectively in all areas of operation.

Overall‚ the meeting was a valuable opportunity for productive dialogue and collaboration between our staff and these important stakeholders in the senior care industry. Together‚ we aim to address the pressing issues faced by this vulnerable segment of our population and advocate for their well-being and rights in our district.

Wildfire ResourcesWildfire Preparedness Resources

As Northern California residents‚ we know wildfires are a real danger and how important it is to be prepared for wildfire season. Don’t get caught off guard! Here are some simple things you can do to stay safe‚ as a reminder:
  • Keep your vehicle’s gas tanks full. That way‚ if there’s an evacuation order‚ you can leave quickly without any worries.
  • Next‚ put together a “go bag” with important items like water‚ snacks that won’t spoil‚ medication‚ first aid supplies‚ and important documents.
    Having these things ready to go can really help if you need to make a quick exit.
  • Take care of your property by clearing away any dry vegetation like leaves and bushes around your home. It’ll make it harder for the fire to reach your house.
  • Stay in the loop by paying attention to local news and what authorities are saying about wildfires. Being informed can save your life.
For more info and resources on how to prepare for wildfires in Northern California‚ check out our updated Wildfire Resources webpage here. Together‚ we can face this wildfire season with confidence! Stay safe!


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