This Week: Nevada County Youth Commission‚ Siskiyou Golden Fair‚ and More


This week‚ I virtually joined my team and the Nevada County Board of Supervisors to honor the remarkable young individuals who constitute the newly established Nevada County Youth Commission. The objective of the Nevada County Youth Commission‚ supported by the efforts of the Youth Commission Founders and in alignment with the County’s mission‚ is to amplify youth representation and engagement within Nevada County.

The Nevada County Youth Commission received unanimous approval from the Nevada County Board of Supervisors on August 8‚ 2023. The creation of the Youth Commission is the culmination of dedicated efforts and fruitful collaboration. An Ad Hoc Subcommittee‚ led by District III Supervisor Lisa Swarthout and District V Supervisor Hardy Bullock‚ played a pivotal role in shaping the commission’s formation. Coordinators Jeff Dellis and Karyn Mueller facilitated the involvement of a group of 14 committed youth interns‚ collectively known as the Youth Commission Founders (NCYF). This diverse cohort worked diligently under the guidance of two adult advisors‚ with the aim of enhancing youth representation within Nevada County.

The NCYF extensively researched existing California Youth Commissions and engaged with a variety of stakeholders‚ including businesses and county officials‚ to gain insights and establish valuable relationships. Their objective was to establish a platform that could bridge the gap between youth and the Board of Supervisors‚ enabling the identification of pressing issues affecting young individuals and providing recommendations for positive change.

The Nevada County Youth Commission will serve as a crucial conduit for communication and collaboration. Its role will encompass advocating for the well-being of county youth‚ facilitating community engagement‚ and presenting recommendations to the Board of Supervisors. The formation of the commission is in harmony with the County’s mission and values‚ fostering a sense of community and actively involving youth in decision-making processes.

This resolution aligns with the County of Nevada’s commitment to developing innovative public policies‚ strong leadership‚ and excellent services in a fiscally responsible manner. The adoption of the resolution and ratification of bylaws mark a significant stride forward in nurturing collaboration and championing the well-being of the county’s youth population. Learn more about Nevada County Youth Commission here. Congratulations to the founding members of this incredible program!

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle


Siskiyou Golden FairSiskiyou Golden Fair

This week‚ my staff Alice Bennett and I attended the Siskiyou Golden Fair‚ demonstrating our unwavering support for local county fairs. These events play a pivotal role in driving local economies‚ with the agricultural segments offering an invaluable platform for young individuals to gain insight into raising animals and food cultivation.

During our visit‚ we had the opportunity to visit with Cliff Munson‚ the CEO of Siskiyou’s fairgrounds. It’s worth noting that we were present at the same fairgrounds last year‚ although the atmosphere was markedly different then. At that time‚ the fairgrounds served as a critical hub for first responders combating the devastating McKinney Fire. Witnessing the transformation of the fairgrounds this year‚ brimming with families enjoying outdoor activities‚ was truly heartening. Before concluding our visit‚ my daughter Roslyn and I made sure to stop for a funnel cake‚ one of the must-have treats at county fairs.

For those interested‚ the Siskiyou Golden Fair will continue its festivities until this Sunday‚ August 13th. Learn more about the Siskiyou Golden Fair here.

National Health CenterNational Health Center Week

It’s National Health Center Week‚ and Team Dahle hit the road to join the staff of Mountain Valleys Health Centers during their meeting with the California Primary Care Association (CPCA) team. The CPCA staff‚ headquartered in Sacramento‚ embarked on a journey across California to visit health centers in celebration of National Health Center Week. This gathering provided an invaluable opportunity for the Mountain Valleys Health Centers team and CEO‚ Shannon Gerig‚ to discuss the advantages and challenges of delivering medical services in some of California’s most remote regions.

Notably‚ the group discussed the potential effects of legislation such as SB 525 if it were to be passed‚ particularly on rural medical care centers like theirs. As we prepare to return to the legislature next week‚ I will ensure to keep you updated on the progress of bills like these and ways in which you can voice your opinions concerning them.

In addition‚ my team also paid a visit to Siskiyou County to meet with Public Health and local medical providers. We are delighted to have engaged in these valuable and insightful meetings‚ especially in the context of National Health Center Week. Learn more about the California Primary Care Association here.


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