I hope this newsletter finds you well. Yesterday‚ I had the honor of standing on the steps of the Capitol alongside my colleagues‚ law enforcement officers‚ crime victims’ advocates‚ and small business owners to voice our strong opposition to legislation that perpetuates criminal activity in California. It was an inspiring day‚ as individuals from every corner of our state gathered to express their concerns about bills which could have dire consequences for businesses and communities. One example is SB 553 which would prevent business owners from protecting their livelihoods when criminals shoplift in their stores.

It is my hope that my colleagues in the state legislature who support these bills took the time to listen to the heartfelt concerns of their constituents as they made their way through our offices yesterday. It is our duty to take action and protect Californians‚ putting an end to the crime wave that plagues our great state. I want to extend my sincere gratitude to all who gathered in Sacramento‚ taking time away from their livelihoods and traveling for hours to make their voices heard.

In other news‚ I am thrilled to share that two of my bills‚ AB 1722 and AB 1402‚ have moved forward in the Senate:

AB 1722: This bill addresses the vital role school nurses play in our educational system and the well-being of our students. It aims to remove barriers to hiring qualified candidates‚ particularly in rural areas where recruitment can be challenging.

AB 1402: This legislation is a significant step toward alleviating the financial burden faced by victims of child abuse or neglect when obtaining medical evidentiary exams. Recently‚ it successfully passed out of the Senate Public Safety Committee‚ marking a milestone in providing essential support during difficult times.

As the legislative session nears its end‚ I am eager to share more positive updates with you in the coming weeks. Thank you for your continued support‚ and please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle

Let California Kids HearSB 635 “Let California Kids Hear Act” Advances to Assembly Floor

Last week‚ we had an important meeting with Michelle from Let California Kids Hear regarding the “Let California Kids Hear Act‚” SB 635. This bipartisan bill is a game-changer‚ as it aims to make hearing aids accessible for children under the age of 21 through mandatory inclusion in new insurance policies. Astonishingly‚ more than 30 states have already recognized the importance of hearing aid coverage for children in both commercial and state insurance plans‚ yet California has yet to follow suit.

This week‚ I’m thrilled to share that I cast my “yes” vote for SB 635 during the Appropriations Committee meeting. This is a significant step towards ensuring that children in California have the support they need for their hearing health. We had the privilege of celebrating this milestone with advocates from the Let California Kids Hear organization. Now‚ our sights are set on the next destination: the Assembly Floor! Learn more about this initiative here.

In The DistrictIn the District

This week‚ Team Dahle traveled over a thousand miles to be with you in the district. We took meetings in Amador‚ Nevada‚ Plumas‚ and Siskiyou counties‚ as well as attending this week’s rally at the Capitol. Staying connected to our communities is a vital part of representing the 11 counties that make up the 1st Assembly District‚ and we are honored to be your voice in Sacramento. Thank you to the community leaders and constituents who were able to meet with us to share vital updates about the communities you serve. Stay tuned for more on our travels next week‚ or view updates on Facebook and Instagram.

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