Cannabis Tour in Nevada County‚ Addressing Gas Prices‚ and More


This week my staff and I attended a cannabis tour in Nevada County. We started the day with a tour of a state licensed testing lab‚ Higher Commitment‚ organized by Executive Director‚ Diana Gamzon of the Nevada County Cannabis Alliance. This organization prides themselves on providing consistently ethical‚ accurate‚ and transparent results for the cannabis they process.

Next‚ we toured Emerald Bay Extracts in Grass Valley. Founded by a Stanford trained oncology and ICU nurse‚ Emerald Bay Extracts has developed a proprietary process for creating orally consumed full-spectrum cannabis oil geared toward helping people who suffer from chronic pain‚ tremors‚ and chemotherapy-induced nausea.

Our third stop was High Hill Farms to tour a legal cannabis farm and learn about the local requirements that must be met to obtain a permit to grow cannabis in Nevada County. We discussed the collaboration between the public and private sectors‚ and recent legislation at the state level that has impacted this industry.

From there‚ we took a helicopter tour with the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office to spot illegal cannabis grows throughout the county. This is a big issue in several parts of our state‚ including many counties in the 1st Assembly District. The Sheriff’s office has done an incredible job at irradiating illegal grows in Nevada County‚ but the work is strenuous‚ dangerous‚ and requires additional resources to fully address this problem.

This was an incredibly informative trip and I look forward to working with these organizations to develop solutions to the complex issues we are facing. Thank you to Diana and the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office for organizing the various aspects of our tour. You can view additional photos from our tour on my Facebook page, here.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle

SB 14 Signed by Governor
SB 14 – Protecting California’s Children Sign by Governor

After months of dedicated effort‚ I am delighted to inform you that a vital piece of legislation aimed at safeguarding our children has been signed into law by the Governor of California. As a proud coauthor of Senate Bill 14‚ I am especially gratified by this achievement.

SB 14 marks a significant stride towards protecting our minors from the horrors of sex trafficking. This legislation categorizes the sex trafficking of a minor as a serious felony in California‚ sending a powerful message to traffickers: they will face the most severe penalties the law can impose.

Remarkably‚ prior to this‚ such a crucial provision was absent from our laws. The journey of SB 14 was not without its challenges. Following its successful passage in the Senate‚ it encountered resistance from the Assembly Public Safety Committee. However‚ thanks to an outpouring of support from a diverse coalition that included lawmakers‚ concerned parents‚ survivors of sex trafficking‚ law enforcement professionals‚ and others from across our state‚ SB 14 ultimately secured unanimous approval in the Assembly.

The importance of this legislation cannot be overstated. It addresses a long-overdue need to shield our children from heinous acts of violence that inflict irreparable harm. By advocating for SB 14‚ I‚ along with my colleagues‚ stand in solidarity with the most vulnerable members of our community: our children.


Addressing the Climbing Gas Prices

Californians are currently facing some of the highest gas prices in the nation. This is primarily due to the fact that we bear the heaviest gas taxes and fees among all 50 states‚ amounting to well over a dollar for every gallon of gas pumped. It is disheartening to witness such a stark contrast when the national average for gas prices is nearly $2 less than what Californians are paying. The photo to the left was taken in the 1st Assembly District this week.

These exorbitant gas prices are taking a toll on families in our district‚ forcing them to search for more affordable gas stations. Tragically‚ they are often faced with agonizing choices‚ such as deciding between filling up their tanks to transport their kids to soccer practice or purchasing a bag of groceries to put food on the table. Such decisions should not be made at the pump; it is time for a change.

My colleagues and I have been staunch advocates for the suspension of the gas tax‚ a move that would offer immediate relief to the hardworking people of California. Unfortunately‚ our pleas to suspend this tax have been denied by the supermajority in Sacramento‚ even as average gas prices in our state continue to surge relentlessly.

We must prioritize the well-being of Californians at the Capitol and use our influence to make our state more affordable for everyone. I firmly support the suspension of the gas tax as a means to curb these out-of-control gasoline prices and put money back into the pockets of our residents.

I urge you to join us in our call for action by voicing your concerns. If you’d like to contact the Governor’s office about this issue‚ click here.


ab 516 video still
AB 516 Video (Click here to view)

*In case you missed it* Exactly one week ago‚ we celebrated Native American Day and the second anniversary of AB 516 becoming law. This legislation‚ born from the 1st Assembly District‚ formally recognizes cultural ceremonies as excused absences in California’s education code. As we crafted this video‚ our team received valuable feedback from numerous individuals who’ve directly experienced the profound positive effects of this law within their families. The ability to embrace one’s culture without concerns about unexcused absences or falling behind in school is truly invaluable.

Thank you to Shasta County Superintendent Judy Flores and Wintu Tribal Chairman Gary Rickard for sitting down with us to discuss the impacts of AB 516 on students and families‚ as well as the origins of this bill.

And thank you to Redding Rancheria Tribal Chairman Jack Potter Jr. and team for generously sharing the cultural ceremony footage used in this video. You can view the entire video on my YouTube channel here.


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