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This week‚ my team and I had the opportunity to join legislative staff members for an informative tour on forest and watershed management in El Dorado and Placer counties. The 1st Assembly District has a history of wildfires‚ so we are well-versed in this subject. Nevertheless‚ we remain eager to expand our knowledge on this critical matter. During our discussions‚ we explored ways to educate policymakers who may be less familiar with the challenges our forests and watersheds face.

We acknowledged that rural Californians have been sharing their experiences for decades‚ but addressing this issue requires increased bipartisan support to make a meaningful impact. We delved into the concept of “forest to tap” and how we can help urban communities and representatives understand the profound and lasting consequences of high-intensity fires.

While the term “forest thinning” has gained some negative connotations‚ responsibly thinning our forests is essential for effective management and to prevent complete devastation in case of a fire. The attached photo on the left showcases an example presented by a U.S. Forest Service expert‚ illustrating the outcomes of proper and responsible forest management‚ including both mechanical thinning and prescribed burning. The middle section of the example‚ which appears nearly untouched by a mega fire‚ underwent both treatments.

It is our responsibility‚ both financially and environmentally‚ to ensure the well-being of our forests and the precious habitats they support. Allowing forestry experts to carry out their work is essential. As Chair of the Rural Caucus‚ a farmer‚ and a lifelong resident of rural California‚ I am committed to educating our state’s legislators about this high-priority issue.

Thank you to those who coordinated and contributed to the tour: Placer County Water Agency Communications Manager Brie Anne Coleman; Mountain Counties Water Resources Association Executive Director Justin Caporusso; The Nature Conservancy; Sierra Nevada Conservancy; Placer County; Georgetown Divide Public Utility District; USDA Forest Service; and CalFire. You can find additional photos from the tour on my Facebook page here.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle

Shasta Cascade Innovation Hub Kickoff at 5 Marys Farms in Siskiyou County
Shasta Cascade Innovation Hub Kickoff at 5 Marys Farms in Siskiyou County

Thank you to Siskiyou Economic Development for graciously hosting the Cal OSBA team during the Shasta-Cascade Innovation HUB kickoff at 5 Marys Farm‚ which my staff recently attended. Siskiyou Economic Development is committed to fostering business growth‚ cultivating success‚ and fostering community connections‚ all aimed at promoting a thriving Siskiyou County.

Their mission is multifaceted: serving as the foremost advocate for business development‚ offering direct support to empower small businesses‚ shepherding business development initiatives‚ and pursuing sector-specific strategies tailored to Siskiyou County’s economic landscape.

Thank you to Brian and Mary Heffernan for making us welcome on their ranch. Appreciation to Tonya Dowse‚ Kory Hayden and Amanda Harris‚ from Siskiyou EDC for their work coordinating this event and to the Cal OSBA team‚ Poppy Davis‚ and Clair Whitmer‚ for making the trip to Siskiyou County. Through partnerships like these and our commitment to economic growth and community development‚ we look forward to continuing to make a positive impact in the regions we serve.


Sierra Valley Art & Ag Tour
Sierra Valley Art & Ag Tour

My staff recently attended the Sierra Valley Art & Ag Trail event in Plumas and Sierra Counties‚ celebrating the region’s art and agriculture. Visitors explored Sierra Valley at their own pace‚ discovering barn quilts‚ farmers markets‚ working ranches‚ historic buildings‚ and local artists of various mediums.

The event offered a glimpse into Sierra Valley’s history as a hub for family-run dairies that supplied miners in Virginia City. Attendees toured century-old dairy barns‚ still in use today by working ranches. Local artists displayed their creations inspired by the valley’s beauty.

Our team had a memorable time at this unique celebration of art‚ agriculture‚ and community‚ and we look forward to next year’s event. Learn more about the Art & Ag Tour here. You can also view more photos from the event on my Facebook page here.


Nevada County Sustainability Summit

Team Dahle recently participated in the second annual Nevada County Sustainability Summit‚ hosted in partnership with Martis Camp and the County of Nevada. The event’s primary objective was to bring together federal‚ state‚ regional‚ and local leaders along with stakeholders to provide concrete examples and resources for collectively addressing climate change and enhancing resilience.

The Summit offered attendees a unique chance to:
  1. Gain insights into regional and community leaders’ collaborative efforts in environmental conservation‚ public land stewardship‚ and climate mitigation.
  2. Learn about the successes‚ ongoing efforts‚ and challenges faced by regional leaders in conservation initiatives.
  3. Facilitate networking opportunities to promote and advance regional sustainability‚ aligning with Nevada County’s Board Objective of Climate Resiliency.
Noteworthy partners who attended the Summit included Cal Fire‚ the Town of Truckee‚ the City of Grass Valley‚ and Placer County‚ among others. We look forward to more opportunities like this to build a better future for the communities in the 1st Assembly District.


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