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Assemblywoman Megan Dahle

Human Trafficking Awareness Month
Human Trafficking Awareness Month

January is National Human Trafficking Prevention Month. Every year‚ the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) law enforcement alone identifies hundreds of girls‚ boys‚ women‚ and men as victims of human trafficking in the United States. The National Human Trafficking Hotline also receives thousands of contacts annually from people all across the U.S.

According to the DHS‚ human traffickers use various forms of force‚ fraud‚ and coercion to control and exploit victims. These forms include imposing of debt‚ fraudulent employment opportunities‚ false promises of love or a better life‚ psychological coercion‚ and violence or threats of violence. The crime of human trafficking hinges on the exploitation of another person. People often falsely believe “human trafficking” implies victims must be moved from one place to another to qualify as a victim. Human trafficking does not require transportation to be considered a crime. It is a crime that can be committed against an individual who has never left his or her hometown.

This year‚ I coauthored Senate Concurrent Resolution (SCR) 97‚ which recognizes the month of January 2024 as National Human Trafficking Awareness Month in California to officially recognize the month of January as National Human Trafficking Awareness Month in California. Solving this problem begins with raising awareness. Learn more about human trafficking here.


New FAFSA Application Available Now

The 2024-25 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is now a simplified form‚ soft-launched by the U.S. Department of Education on Dec. 31. California students get an extended deadline for financial aid applications due to the delay in release.

The new FAFSA is streamlined‚ with fewer questions‚ expanded Pell Grant eligibility‚ and integration with the IRS. It aims to be quicker and more efficient‚ which is great news for applicants. Learn more about the updated FAFSA application here.


CalTrans Winter Weather (2)
Tips for Driving in Winter Weather from Caltrans

Before You Leave Home:
  • Check brakes‚ battery‚ wipers‚ defroster‚ heater‚ headlights‚ and exhaust system.
  • Ensure proper tire pressure and tread‚ consider new tires if needed.
  • Pack essentials: chains‚ ice scraper‚ shovel‚ flashlight‚ blankets‚ water‚ non-perishable food‚ and a cell phone charger.
  • Fill up on gas and carry a spare key.
  • Use the QuickMap app for real-time road updates and chain control notifications.
  • Check resources like One-Stop-Shop‚ Caltrans Hotline‚ your local Caltrans social media pages‚ or the Caltrans website for information‚ as well.
On the Road:
  • Follow Caltrans and CHP guidance‚ especially in chain control areas.
  • Be vigilant for debris in steep areas‚ particularly in burn scar zones.
  • Avoid non-highway alternative routes during closures and check local agencies for updates.
  • Reduce speed on wet roads; even small amounts of water affect tire grip.
  • Drive cautiously in poor visibility‚ leave extra stopping distance.
  • Maintain a safe distance around emergency personnel and snow removal equipment.
  • Ensure headlights are on while driving in the rain (required by law in California).
Remember‚ road conditions can shift quickly‚ so stay informed while driving to adapt to changes promptly.


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