North Cow Creek School Visits the Capitol


For years‚ Team Dahle has had the pleasure of hosting the North Cow Creek 8th graders from Shasta County during their annual trip to the California State Capitol. Their teacher‚ Damon Donnelley‚ who has coordinated the trip since the beginning says the trip has had a lasting impact on the students.

In preparation for their annual trip to Sacramento‚ the North Cow Creek 8th graders engage in extensive research on California’s government. They explore the legislative process‚ the impact of the legislature on the state‚ and the specific roles of senators and assemblymembers. Prepared with relevant questions‚ the students interact with elected officials and office staff during their visit‚ gaining a firsthand understanding of the workings of the Capitol.

The students’ return from the trip is marked by a newfound appreciation for government and heightened political engagement. Some even go on to write emails‚ express concerns‚ ask questions‚ and follow us on social media. The transformative nature of the annual Capitol trip extends beyond the classroom‚ with students often aspiring to contribute more to their community and pursue careers in politics. This first hand exposure to government processes and interaction with elected officials becomes a catalyst for increased civic engagement among the students.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle

economic development conference
Economic Development Conference

This week Team Dahle had the opportunity to attend the 2024 North State Economic Forecast Conference focusing on 2030 and future proofing the North State for a thriving economy.

Each year‚ the North State Planning & Development Collective brings together decision-makers from industry‚ government and education to tackle the issues at the forefront of economic development in the North State. These conferences serve as launching points for year-round discussion, collaboration and action.

Dr. Robert Eyler‚ President of Economic Forensics and Analytics presented the economic data for the region and the Keynote was given by David Shabazian‚ Director of the California Department of Conservation. Panel speakers this year included Shasta Economic Development Corporation President & CEO‚ Todd Jones‚ and Shasta-Tehama-Trinity Community College District Interim Superintendent/President‚ Kevin O’Rorke‚ who are based in the 1st Assembly District.

The conference covered a range of topics‚ from envisioning the future of medical education and a planned medicine residency program out of Butte County – which would provide opportunities for rural medicine expansion throughout the district – to housing‚ workforce education‚ biomass projects‚ and understanding the value of our natural and working lands. If you’d like to learn more about this event‚ click here.


California Youth Football Saved

This week‚ Assembly Republicans joined parents‚ coaches and student-athletes to celebrate that the proposed ban on youth football would be vetoed if it passes the Legislature. After nationwide outrage over the proposal to outlaw this popular youth sport‚ speakers shared stories of how youth football benefitted athletes and called on Democrats to withdraw their bill to ban the game and focus on the real problems facing California.

Despite AB 734 securing passage from the Assembly Committee on Arts‚ Entertainment‚ Sports‚ and Tourism through a party-line vote last week‚ the veto threat looms large. The bill is currently in contention for a vote by the full Assembly. The resounding opposition to AB 734 has resonated so strongly that the Governor recently declared his refusal to sign the bill‚ even if it manages to pass the State Assembly.

The prevailing sentiment emphasizes that the state lacks the insight to determine what’s best for each individual child; that prerogative rests with parents‚ who should continue to wield the ultimate authority in such matters. To express your opinion on AB 734‚ you can contact the author of this bill here.


K2 Development – Alturas Crossing Apartments Grand Opening

Congratulations to K2 Development and partners on the successful completion of another vital multi-family housing project in Northern California! Representatives from Team Dahle were in attendance for the property’s grand opening and ribbon cutting ceremony in Redding earlier this week‚ where CEO of K2 Properties‚ Allen Knott‚ shared what it took to see this project through.

Alturas Crossing apartments are located at the intersection of Victor and Old Alturas in Redding. The property consists of 39 two bedroom and three bedroom units‚ a community center‚ and an on-site laundry room‚ and is walking distance from nearby restaurants‚ shopping‚ and entertainment.

Multi-family and workforce housing is a major need in the North State and all across California‚ and this project helps address that vital need. In addition‚ the labor required to undergo the construction on this project brought $7.5 billion to the Redding area – a significant increase in local jobs for the community. If you are interested in learning more about this project‚ visit here.

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