Honoring Lieutenant Commander Lou Conter


Today‚ I write with a heavy heart as we collectively mourn the passing of a true American hero‚ Lieutenant Commander Lou Conter‚ the last living survivor of the USS Arizona and resident of California’s 1st Assembly District.

Many of you may remember our privilege of honoring Lieutenant Commander Conter during our celebration of Armed Forces Day in 2023. His presence was a sobering reminder of the sacrifices made by the brave men and women who served our country during one of its darkest hours. Among the 1‚177 officers and crewmen who lost their lives on the USS Arizona‚ fewer than 100 survived. Lieutenant Commander Conter’s survival‚ and subsequent service‚ stand as a testament to his resilience and dedication to our country.

Lou Conter’s service to his country did not end there. He went on to become a Naval pilot‚ flying hundreds of combat missions in both World War II and the Korean War. His dedication extended beyond the battlefield as he became the Navy’s very first SERE officer‚ imparting critical survival skills to fellow airmen. Throughout his military career‚ he earned the esteemed rank of lieutenant commander before retiring. Even in his later years‚ he faithfully attended annual memorial services at Pearl Harbor‚ ensuring that the sacrifices of his fallen comrades were never forgotten.

It was with great privilege that Senator Dahle recognized him on the Senate Floor in Sacramento on July 10th‚ as Lieutenant Commander Conter celebrated his remarkable 102nd birthday last summer. Today‚ as we bid farewell to this extraordinary individual‚ we express our deepest gratitude for his service and extend our heartfelt condolences to his family.

In remembrance of Lieutenant Commander Lou Conter and all those who have served and continue to serve our great nation‚ may we strive to uphold the values of courage‚ sacrifice‚ and patriotism that they exemplify.

Assemblywoman Megan Dahle

Partnership Healthplan Dignity Health
Need to Know: Partnership HealthPlan of California Contract with Dignity Health Expires

You may be aware that‚ as of March 31‚ 2024‚ the contract between Partnership HealthPlan of California and Dignity-CommonSpirit expired. Partnership HealthPlan is prioritizing the continuity of care for its members during this transition period‚ and working to negotiate a new agreement. While this does not fall under state jurisdiction‚ I felt it important to inform you about this matter because of the vast impact this has on residents of the 1st Assembly District. Here is what you need to know:
  • Partnership is working to ensure continued access to care for its members.
  • Members have received letters with instructions on accessing care and selecting new providers.
  • More than 64‚000 members in five Northern California counties are affected.
  • Partnership will help members continue seeing their Dignity doctors if needed for ongoing treatment.

For more information‚ visit PartnershipHP.org.


Asm. Dahle’s AB 2974 passes
AB 2974 Passes Out of Assembly Public Safety Committee

I am pleased to share that one of my bills‚ AB 2974‚ successfully passed out of the Assembly Public Safety committee earlier this week. This bill addresses a specific need in Modoc County by extending peace officer status to deputy sheriffs. By rectifying this disparity‚ we ensure our local law enforcement officers have the authority they require to protect and serve our communities effectively. I extend my gratitude to my colleagues for their support‚ and I remain committed to advocating for our district’s needs in Sacramento. Learn more about this bill here.


Healthy Rural California
Healthy Rural California

Team Dahle was in attendance at a meeting hosted Tuesday by Healthy Rural California to discuss the ongoing efforts to train the medical professionals which rural California needs. U.C. Davis School of Medicine has rural medicine tracks which seek to match residency programs for students who have lived experience in rural areas and would like to serve those regions as Family Practice physicians. Local medical professionals‚ and staff for Senate‚ Assembly and Governor’s Office were in attendance for conversation regarding the viability of creating a U.C. Davis Branch Medical School Campus in Chico‚ which would give medical school students residency opportunities in rural medical care throughout the Northern California counties.

The federal government recommends 60 to 80 primary care doctors per 100‚000 people. In California‚ the number already is down to just 50 – and in particular areas‚ it’s even lower. That means by 2030‚ the state is going to be in dire need of physicians. Studies show the state could be down by as many as 10‚000 primary care clinicians‚ including nurse practitioners and physician assistants and in rural areas that need will be even greater.

Discussion included ways to encourage students from rural North State communities to consider medical school through programs such as Avenue M which is a community college to medical school pathway program that aims to reduce barriers to entry to medical and other healthcare careers. UC Davis School of Medicine partners with three 4-year institutions – UC Davis‚ California State University (CSU)‚ Sacramento‚ and Cal Poly Humboldt – and a network of community colleges feeding into them‚ to establish this robust educational ecosystem. Avenue M aims to provide support and mentorship to students from all communities to become physicians.


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